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  1. I wouldnt be advertising this product as a miricle cure as IT IS NOT! you shouldnt do that! It is a good product which might help you manage your acne however. Cheers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= For your FREE report "How to Get Rid Of Your Acne Fast!" CLICK HERE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  2. Hi All I have got many letters and questions over the year with this one. some very misleading reports around the net and magazine as well. Some say that coca cola cause acne due to its acidic contents. Others say that coca cola is good for you as it is suggested as a purifying or clarifying substance for the kidney and bladder. This would be taken more as a medicine than as a soft drink and with water (not carbonated). Various methods of relieving constipation should be utilized - powdered y
  3. sounds to me like you might have some sort of allergic reaction. However when i was younger we did own ragdoll cats, I would always fuss over them and patting continuously did cause some breakouts from time to time. =-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=- FREE REPORT "HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE FAST!" CLICK HERE =-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  4. my impression is that its a very generalised report. Acne also has alot to do with the genetics of the person as well. Although almost everyone gets acne to some degree, some people are born with a predisposition for acne. The exact genetics have not been worked out yet, but a person who has a parent or sibling with a history of severe acne is more likely than others to have severe acne. This is fairly obvious. Cheers =-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=- FREE REPORT "
  5. Im sorry to say but you will just have to give it time and record your results It does take a few months to see some really good result.. I recommend you take photos and monitor the results every week or so. also I have a FREE REMOVE ACNE REPORT HERE which may be of some use to you. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  6. Yes that is correct! Make sure you stick to the plan and dont miss one treatment otherwise a acne breakout could occur. Also if you wanna use a moisturiser go with oil of ulan. =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/ FREE ACNE REMOVAL REPORT CLICK HERE =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/
  7. Ok some really good tips for you here: 1) make sure you shave with sharp blade and gently glide over your face 2) make sure you use really hot water while you do this (to dip the shaver in) 3) Always apply oil of ulan after you shave to keep your skin moisturised! CHeers =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/ FREE ACNE REMOVAL REPORT CLICK HERE =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/
  8. The Oil of olay mousturiser you are referring to is good! really good however for someone with ance make sure if you purchase this get the cream for sensitive skin. Don't get dishartend, its a trial and error with such products to find whick one works best for you. So be a little patient and good luck! =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/ FREE ACNE REPORT CLICK HERE =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/
  9. One thing that I should share with you about the enema method is that its not nessesary, you can use laxatives to help cleanse your colon. However I have tried both and had better results and no acne breakouts with the enema method.....so thats a good tip for all those out there wanting to try it. Its a delicate subject!! Sometimes even the thought of having an enema is quite daunting however good to know you can take the other alternatives. =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/ FREE ACNE REPORT CLI
  10. yup you definatly hit the nail on the head with this one......definatly no junk food (sorry) especially chocolate, this really promotes acne or the start of pimples and also alcohol. I know its almost sounds you have to go on a buddist monk diet but it will help in the long run. =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/= FREE ACNE REPORT CLICK HERE =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=
  11. you have to be carefull and make sure that you are using clean water. I know that that mist that sometimes comes off the warm water in different spas can be lethal.....so make sure you clean it out regularly Cheers =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/ FREE ACNE REPORT CLICK HERE =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/
  12. Its a combination of these key things, I find that the people who have had the best result use a product, and change their dietry habbits. So ask around and try to find the best one. hope this helps.
  13. can be a major turn off i guess. GO and see a dermatologist and see what he reckomends
  14. Im 27 and had bad body acne as a adolecent child ....it was very distresing and psychologically draining...as you would know. I got rid of it at a few years ago using accutane it is a good product (and some diet changes). it did dry my skin out a little bit but i found it helped me 200% as i tell everyone its a matter of trial and error....some products are good for some and different ones for others.....I would recommend giving it a go and record the results mate. WIth the hair loss comment I