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  1. I have the same problem. a million large pores on the nose and under the eyes, with rosacea. My skin is premanently red where the large pores are... as if it's red because of the pores and i dont actually have rosacea.. I've had them for 10 yrs now and it seems at this point they are permanent, so i just leave them be and concentrate on the redness..
  2. 27 here.. at this point, i'm expecting to have it for life..
  3. My daughter is 7 and i'll be watching her skin VERY closely as she gets older.. She's really pretty, and like hell i'll let her skin ruin her life as it has mine..
  4. same thing happens to me, it's nothing to worry about. doing weights makes my chest red as well..
  5. well it can't hurt. but it may take a series of treatments to make difference and over time your redness may go back to how it was.. and you'd have to repeat
  6. i'm studying at a place at the moment with flourescent lights.. they are everywhere and can't be avoided.
  7. you should just drink alcho.. oh wait, that's screws your skin too.
  8. Be proud of your body hair. Look like a MAN and not a f**ing prepubescent child. I actually asked a girl recently what's the deal with them liking buts.. she couldnt define for me what exactly she liked about them.. she basically just said it should be the right shape and size in proportion to the boddy.
  9. I use brutal death / grindcore to release my anger/misanthropy
  10. I was told it hurts people more or less depending on some factor i've forgotten.. but It hurt me like hell!!! And i mean hurt like the most pain i've felt in my life. It was like she was zapping my face with 500 volts of electricity. my whole body was jumping when she zapped me. I'm positive it would hurt less to get a tatoo on your face.. some people seem to think it doesn't hurt.. but be prepared.
  11. reember to make sure you don't have rosacea before using any peels.
  12. My skin is red like that except and I have the orange peel look as well wherever it's red. If your not using a good moisturizer, i'd recommend you start usng one.. never heard of klaron cream
  13. It clears my chest when i bother to use it consistently (it's just too cold right now.. and i'm single). like you, I apply it about 10 mins before showering and i'm hoping like hell it keeps working because it takes my chest from something disgusting that i'd never let anyone see, to a normal chest with a few spots. I've just started aplying a mosteriser to my chest after showering, in the hope for even further improvements.. and too try and keep things balanced so the H&S will keep working
  14. I'm 27 and have acne, rosacea, and permanent redness, big pores. My skin also can't tan and i'm as pale as you can get, and i have a tons of freckles on my back, and my life was ruined by botched radiation therapy while this was underway, so consider yourself lucky.