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  1. Hi Guys, Thought it only fair to report on my progress to help others out, the bottom line is this does work but: You MUST stick to the routine as described and without failYou Must not skip or deviate from the regimenyou may NOT see results or it may even get worse at firstIt takes time and patience, i should know!I got almost perfectly clear and got complacent with my applications, i.e. missing a few here or there and noticed slight declines, doing the reg properly again slowly brings you ba
  2. well, i made the switch to neutrogenas SA cleanser after hearing good reviews... I'm pleased, the SA wash opens my pores and then the BP gets in there and kills the bacteria. coming up to just under 5 weeks on the regimen now and i'm happy, I'd be so bold as to predict that another 3 weeks will see me clear completly. The initial breakout period is an absolute nightmare though.....no wonder so many people don't stick with the regimen!!!
  3. I'm doing the SA and BP thing now. I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Wash 2% SA. My face then has nice wide open pores ready to accept the BP (dans BP gel). I use no moistouriser but any of the reccomended ones is good. Using the SA wash and BP method works well, i'm not totally clear but well on the way at almost 5 weeks on regimen.... good luck!
  4. Yeah, it does kinda sting the eyes if you get it in your eye, it's still the best cleanser in my books though, just avoid the eyes!
  5. This regimen I've found is a case of "2 steps forward and 1 step back". I'm at 4 weeks and 4 days and although I still have a few spots here and there this is the most confident I have been. I can see red marks fading, skin is adapting to BP, general skin condition clearing fast and new spots die quickly. I must stress that this has only started in the last few days, I conform to the regimen strictly. This regimen is HARD WORK, but after initial breakouts and disapointments you'll notice a ch
  6. It's a good all round soap, you may be better off trying an SA shower gel mthough like neutrogenas. This will dry up you skin and prevent spots.
  7. As an update i'm now at 4 weeks on regimen exactly. I gotta say my acne was at most moderate/mild to begin with, since my two week breakout started i've still been gettin' quite a few new spots. My problem is I have very oily skin, I need to apply BP to my forehead which I use half a finger day and night. I use Pears soap cleanser bar before hand (UK product). I know this sounds odd to some of you guys but i don't use moistouriser (don't need to). It feels like BP doesn't dry up my skin enough
  8. I was just wondering if anybody has read the e-book by chris gibson?
  9. hmmm, not too much info so far, come guys need ur results! I've nearly done 4 weeks and still gettin' big spots, I mfollow it carefully but need to know there is an end in sight!!!
  10. Just to find out how long people took to clear up on the regimen!
  11. Has anyone had any success using this and applying dans BP gel afterwards, i.e. using this as the cleanser on dans regimen. It looks like this product with BP could be a winner, as my skin doesn't dry out much.
  12. Does anyone use SA cleanser before applying BP on dans regimen? He recommends against this but i've heard you can have really good results doing this. I only use pears soap bar cleanser at moment but might change to the one below:
  13. The BEST because: It costs £1 a barIt's non-condemenicIt's hypoallergenicIt leaves your skin feeling really clean and non-oillyYou can get it from boots, or many other stores, I really like it!
  14. Just as an update, i had a break out after being on regimen for 2 weeks 1 day. I'm now 3 weeks 3 days into it and still my skin ain't lookin too great but there is slight improvement. I'll give this another week or so before I deem the breakout period to be lasting simply too long!
  15. cheers guys, the vaseline idea sounds good, i'll give a go!
  16. I'm on week 4 of the regimen using dans BP gel, i'm noticing that despite trying to avoid getting any near my eyebrows that they are going a lighter more blonde colour (I have brown hair). Any of you guys got any suggestions? My problem area is my forehead, anyone with the same problem area will understand that contact with the eyebrows is unavoidable, I may try dying them back to brown
  17. Cheers Dan, not to sound like a suck up but I think the work that you do here is fantastic. Acne certainly isn't a life threatening disease but it causes physcological effects that affect peoples lives, I've learnt a lot from you and others on these message boards. Keep up the good work and thanks for the advice, i'll certainly stick it out and i'm optomistic of good results.
  18. Cheers for the encouragement guys, i'm confident of good results from what i've seen on this site of others, just hope this breakout period is short as possible. The regimen (which i've been sticking to closely) takes a lot of time and patience and to see the results actually get worse ain't too good, i'll give it to week 4 (about another 1 and a half weeks) if the breakout hasn't settled by then i'll be really miffed!
  19. Cheers man, I just needed the encouragement I guess, I've seen the good reviews of dans regimen just gets you down when times are tough. I'll stick with it too and let ya know how i get on in the coming weeks.
  20. Its strange how some people like you and myself need no or very little moisturizer, i guess different skins react differently, i'll continue to do the same and only moisturize when required I think!!
  21. Congrats spicy, ur success story is fantastic, I hope ur really proud of what you have done, taking the time to show your pictures gives hope to all those who need encouragement. Well done!
  22. I've been on dan's regimen for 2 weeks 1 day and saw slight improvements up until last 2 days when i've had breakouts of whiteheads. Dan states this might happen but i can't understand why, I want to stick with this but its hard when it takes so much time and effort and all i can see for it is spots as bad as i had them before. I follow dan's regimen exactly. I use Pears soap cleanser and eucerin day cream for dryness. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How long does this breakout period last????
  23. I use Dan's BP gel both day and night on my forehead and lots of it, yet i experience no dryness, flakes or redness. I started out using moisturizer day and night then just in the day then not at all. Other parts of my face dry up very bad but not my problem area (forehead). Does anyone else use BP without moisturizing or is it just me?