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  1. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser. Wait 15 minutes. Add a generous amount of Dan's bp gel. Wait about 5 minutes. Apply neutrogena oil free moisturizer.

    Sometimes in the morning I skip the bp gel because my skin was getting too red and too dry. As for makeup I've been using either almay or covergirl for foundation (both oil free) and some cover girl powder.

  2. Is this with make-up? I compared your day 7 to day 22, and I see you still have some of those day 7 breakouts (I thought they would have gone down by now, weird) but I think some have also cleared up.

    Do you not like the regimen at all? How much BP are you applying?

    This picture is also with make up on. I do like the regimen because it seems to be preventing me from breaking out as much, but I'm having a hard time getting this old ones to go away. I was using the full dose of the bp but then my face turned red and dried out way too much so now I'm using about half of it.