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  1. If you look at my picture gallery you will see that I only got worse while being on the regimen. It takes time to find what works, but I finally found what works for me. Each person's skin is different so each person will react differently to different products. All I know is that exfoliating and moisturizing every day has worked wonders for me.
  2. I did the regimen for 3 months...my acne only got worse and worse so I quit it after a lot of tears and frustration. Now I'm exfoliating with cetaphil, using the BP gel only at night, and using neosporin. I've only been getting one or two zits a week! Go to the picture gallery to check out my progress.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll stick with it for a little longer, work at picking at my skin less, and maybe even consider getting on the pill. I do believe it's largely hormonal and maybe something like birth control would help.
  4. I've had very high hopes for the regimen and followed it EXACTLY as dan tells you using the exact products: cetaphil, bp gel, and eucerin. Every once in awhile for maybe a couple of days my skin will look good, but then I always end up breaking out in the end. My skin looks worse now then from when I started. If you'd like to see this "progress" I have pictures posted in the gallery. Anyway, I was just wondering if it's normal to still not be cleared up by two and a half months and if any of
  5. I don't see any problem with it myself. And I actually use two different ones and haven't seen a difference. The one I use in the morning is neutrogena because it doesn't clump up with my makeup. I use the cetaphil in the evening because it helps with the dryness and flaking more, but it does tend to clump a lot. You're probably ok with using two kinds.
  6. I would show it off. All of my life I've played it low, so why would I, with perfect skin, want to do that anymore?
  7. Playing the piano does it for me. Once I sit down and put my fingers to the keys, I forget about everything else. I could spend hours playing if my back didn't start to hurt.
  8. Today's been really hard for me. I've felt so ugly. My skin is so dry and flakey and my acne is just as bad as ever. I was looking at all the other students in my classes. Not one of them has any acne. It made me feel like such a freak. Hopefully I'll feel better later, but today has just been so hard for me.
  9. So I didn't get my new BP gel before I went home for Thanksgiving which sucked. I ran out and was able to squeeze out just enough to spot treat and that's it. When I got home yesterday the new BP gel had arrived, thankfully, so I've been putting plenty on. My skin has been a little redder and feel somewhat itchy, but ever since I've started the regimen I've only gotten a few new zits and none of them have been nearly as large as before. Bytheway, It's been about two weeks since I've started.
  10. I started Dan's regimen just a week ago and so far the best result I've gotten is that I haven't really gotten any new acne. Just a few really teeny tiny zits...nothing major. My one big problem right now it the excessive dryness that I'm experiencing around my mouth. I was actually getting really down about it this morning because it's embarassing to go out with my skin so dry and flaky. But I really want to stick with this. I have a lot of confidence in it.