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  1. EFA's in general help to do the same thing (from what I keep reading), so since there already is an imbalance of omega 3 to 6, I would rather use fish oil since it will not only help with the skin issue (moisture, sebum quantity/quality, and all the other benefits), but it will help with other aspects of life which are even more important, that gla's alone cannot correct. You may take them if you wish, but I personally won't be needing them anytime soon, as my issues that I was looking to sol
  2. Hey xxndnromeoxx, whats your opinion on Evening Primrose Oil or borage oil?
  3. the 4:1 is o6 to o3 Here is what i had yesterday- Breakfast: -Bowl of cereal (total) -Yogurt -Fruit salad (stawberries, grapes, blue berries) -Orange juice Snack: Banana Lunch -Turkey Sandwich (Whole wheat bread, smoked turkey, lettuce) -Chips (usually sun chips) -Apple -Water Snack: Protein shake Dinner: -Grilled Chicken Breast -Veggie medley (brocolli, peas, carrots) -Green Tea -bread
  4. soooo if my ratio is already around 4:1 do you think this regimen will help much?? nacho cheese doritos have omega 6: omega 3 ratio of nearly 50:1......
  5. anything over 10000 IU is considered potentially toxic.
  6. i'm a division 1 athlete, and i work out 3+ hours a day.....no problems here
  7. Has anyone noticed that their symptoms (dry lips, dry skin) reduced after a couple months? My first 3 months i had really dry lips and facial skin, but now (3.5 months in) my symptoms seem to have dramatically dropped. Explanations??
  8. Rather have a higher dose than one thats too low.
  9. i noticed significant reduction in red marks about 2 months afters finishing accutane.
  10. I was on 80mg and didn't notice any significant hair loss.
  11. there was no delay for me. I went in for my usual check-up and my derm said that i had to fill out a few extra forms, i did, they entered my info into the computer and gave me an ipledge card. I went to walgreens, gave them my perscription and my ipledge card and that was that!
  12. All that I had to do was sign another form and fill out a page of info, my derm did the rest.
  13. well believe it or not, my derm always asks me if i've "been experiencing any pain in my abdomen, particulary on the right side?" Sounds like its a common problem. Do you lay down soon after you take your accutane?
  14. AVEENO moisturizer is the best moisturizer! I use it under my makeup and my face stays moist all day long! It's amazing. My aesthetician recommended it and I love it. i agree.
  15. while on accutane there isn't really anything that you can do to completely clear up the red marks, but once you finish your course the marks will fade quickly.