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  1. Hiya everyone quick update - Ive not been online for ages as my partner came home from abroad for Xmas (Hooray) Anyway, I have not had a spot in 2 weeks!!!! Unless you count a persistant blackhead that I had to remove! I still have a few little blackheads on my nose and chin but that is all!!! Seriously not one thing has exploded in ages! Ive also come off the pill that I was taking for my skin (because it made me gain almost a stone in weight!) This is thanks to the anti histamines I think -
  2. Heya, I am not sure which other H2 anti jistamines youcan use but I actually find loretadine and bendryl better than zantac anyway!! they dont mess with your stomach acid either!! Also, a little Vitamin B5 with Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine so definately worth taking! hope I helped! Gregas - my allergy test cost me the equivelant of $50 USD, a bit steep but well worht it in the end Ithink - saying that Ive done nothing but eat chocolate for the last 2 days!! I am craving it like cr
  3. 1/ Drinking Waterhelps acne as it literally cleanses the body. How could any one not think thatit helps? Every reaction tha occurs at a cellular level requires water so common sense should tell you that if your body is constantly using the same water to do this you are circulating the same crap as apposed to clean water. That is simplified but should make sense to the non-believers!!! 2/ Touching is not a myth!! 3 & 4/Face washing and bacteria on the skin I tend to agree with!! Its
  4. There is only one answer for this question - I started using it when I tried the regieme and my skin started to flake off from excessive drying I really looked like a lepper! BP made my skin red, dry, cracked and incredibly sensitive. ALOEVERA gell is mysaviour!! Hon, it is absolutely the best and totally 100% non Comodogenic and non-irritating!! You can wack a load of it on and not worry about excess product breakout the next day!! In fact I find themore youput on - the better it is!! I
  5. If you want a good natural scrub use sea salt or sugar (granulated not icing!!!) It makes your skin baby soft and is also soothing if you have bacne!
  6. put Vaseline (petroleum Jelly) on your eyebrows first, it will stop the BP from bleaching and drying the area!! Its what hairdressers use when they colour your hair to stop your skin from staining!! Its the only surefire way unless you just dont put the BP on your eyebrows. Have you tried using Hydrogen Peroxide as apposed to BP? Its less drying, less irritating and better allround!
  7. Heya Girl - hows the job hunting going? Are you looking for anything in particular? I am not familiar with hydroxyzine - may see if i can get it over here and give it a try. Loretadine is OTC here but only 10mg - is that strong or not? I dont know!! All I know is that I think we have a real potential with this! My skin is so much better, sounds like yours and Gregas's are better too, am I right? I am also picking less and I think that is because I dont have so much iritation!!! My bac
  8. Hi Justmee Great tip for the aloevera jiuce!!! Ive been using 100% aloevera as a moisturiser for 3 weeks and my skin is feeling amazing!!! I will definately get the juice tomorrow now though to see if it helps with the tiny spots I am getting. The topical gell definately helped with the 'Uber' spots that popped up a month ago though!!!!!!! Nice one!!
  9. I am taking zantac 75 - i took it for 6 days then stopped because I got really sick!! I have just started taking it again as i am on the mend now. I took Loretadine (H1 inhibitor) 10mg before taking zantac as I was not convinced about the whole H2 inhibitor thing. Especially as Zantac reduced gastric acid - I do not suffer with heart burn or anything and so I didnt want to mess up my digestion. I personally had a better result on the H1 antihistamine I think. On the whole my skin is so m
  10. Heya, Thanks for the info! To be honest I only tried zantac because it was suggested on another thread here, I would have just gone for the H1 inhibitor otherwise! I also had a better effect from taking the loretadine than zantac! I started zantac and now have a horrendous chest infection!! It was just a cold a week ago and now I am really sick!!! Zantac is pretty effective as an antihistamine and thats why I am ill! I recon it killed every one of my white blood cells leaving me totally
  11. Hi Steven, I find nivea really heavy and a bit gangky on my face but each to their own - it made me break out. I also had the same prob as you on the BP, my skin went dry and flaky so I stopped using it, I am not using clearasil ultra H202 formula which is similar but uses Hydrogen Beroxide rather than BP, it is less of an irritant - in fact it doesnt irritate at all. If you try this you should not need AHA as the H202 acts as a debriding solution which means it sloughs away dead skina and o
  12. Yep, might give this a shot. Although I'll see how the SAM-e goes as that's a natural anti-depressant and is meant to be highly commended for acne. I just want to get it under control! Guys sorry to hear its been such a rough week for you both, Tired_of_waiting so about your job girl, hope youve got another plan in the pipeline!! Gregas, I had a tough one last week too but as i live on my own there was no shoulder to cry on! My partner is abroad for word and so am on my own till next sat
  13. Its cos you are using Salicylic Acid(SA) combine with Triclosan(which is a biocide like Hibclens). This is an effective combo, as effective as BP and less irritating according to a study. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...8455&query_hl=1 I'm trying the new Clearasil Ultra Wipes, these are 2% SA with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which is a biocide like Triclosan. You can also try washing with neutrogenas medicated washes that have SA and Triclosan... Clearasil ultra wipes
  14. I bought some clearasil yesterday for the first time since like about 10 years!! Before I would always have said that clearasil was as crap as any other off the shelf topical rubbish you can buy. However, this new, mean and tough clearasil with HP (H2O2) is fab! I cant use BP coz it makes me look like a leppar and the HP didnt dry my skin at all! My skin was soft, smooth and really really zinggy clean!!! Importantly, it still feels clean and I washed my face this morning and have ridden my ho
  15. I had a couple of free samples of the moisturiser and it was pretty good!!