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  1. Yea its only about 30-40% improvement. Reducing most of my deep scars to shallow one. Its not a perfect solution. But at least it has given me more confidence now. I no longer feel so depressed. It really took about 6 months before one could see the full results of the treatment. And yes... It is better than Fraxel... I tried
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Yea I understand they say it is going to be better over the months. I done this CO2 once about 9 years ago, the very first version. Now the latest one is with Softtouch scanner supposed to be better. Regarding the question about ebrium and CO2, err yea even the doctor say so. Ebrium seems to take a longer period to fade the redness than CO2 surprisingly I think its has to do with the pernetration of water etc etc. Usually people do Ebrium in smaller dosage. I got bru
  3. alittle rolling scars... but frankly you look fine, better not do anything incase it got worse. But if you are desperate, perhaps fraxel works well with rolling scars.
  4. I just had CO2 a week and half ago and my face swelled for 5-6 days. I done fraxel before... but I think frankly CO2 has better results than fraxel. For fraxel I had about 10-25% improvement after 6 try to upto 20mj In CO2 its like 20-40% under a skillful doctor. And He said it will continue improving for a year or so. My very shallow scars seems blur out, although not removed. I am hoping for the best for time to come. Some scare pores are almost noticeable unless at finger length. The
  5. I been around for sometime here about almost 1.5 years already... and thru these time I had been improving my scars... I had done subcision, excision, fraxel and TCA cross and CO2 and soft touch.... I understand that alot of people are doing Fraxel and is disappointed with the results... Frankly I DO see results in my scars. And the results are moderate. I am In Singapore so I'll also tell you guys who does it for me.... If you want to see my picture... go to http://www.joycelim.com/ tat'
  6. I'm signing it up... I did fraxel original before it does some help in the shallow scars... anyone tried the SR1500 yet? Can give us some insight? Is it very painful like the original one? I heard it is painless and deeper. Anyone care to help us?
  7. Noona, what were you expecting? 30-40% sounds like well spent $. there is no 100% solution under harsh light. Period. All I want is scars that look fine under normal light. heh. right now i dont even got that!! Not too sure but I done excision.... it is 98% for small scars.. and leave a small scar for big ones... Which can be excised the second round...
  8. I did it... and it works... exactly the same way Derm does it...
  9. Try fraxel... it should work very nicely after 5 treatment of high powered laser. trust me don't worry.
  10. Ok I tried Fraxel, TCA Cross and Excision... These two are the only Solutions for ICE PICKS and Box Scar... I just like to share my experience. I used only 100% TCA Cross. Both of it works great... the only disadvantage is... TCA Cross... The only disadvantage to TCA Cross is time... It took a bloody long time to improve... Some of the scars took up to 8-10 treatment.... Excision...You look like pretty scarred face for the first month.... There are line scars which will become unnoticeable a
  11. You can really try TCA Cross on one of the few deeper scars before you go for a resurfacing.
  12. Hi, I'm post 1.5 weeks excision... Personally I wasn't very satisfied with some of the excised scars. In fact quite a few it turn out worse. Only maybe some where although not perfect but better simply they were used to be too wide and big. A couple of the scars turned into a cross like scars which is rather obvious. I did both excision and TCA cross... personally I think TCA is a better option. It doesn't scars, the only side effect is the pigmentation which you can get rid easily in a couple
  13. Yes I think so. How about waiting for at least like a week or two. Let you skin heals.
  14. Woah.... Thanks for the link. I'll start a rice water facial bath regime the next time I do my TCA CROSS.
  15. Yea I agree it is possible to remove a scar if enough effort was done which breaks down to time and money. Only your cellular structure of that skin will be different from what it used to be. You would really need a nano eyes to see the different. But then again. Who cares to go beyond 95%? In probably the next 10 years you skin will deteriorate further into winkle and aging. But I agrees with ylem list of imrpovement. I guess Rolling scars and scar pores are the hardest to improve. 1) icepick
  16. I done my excision too. about 20 scars. Post stich removed 2 days. I can see some of the scars seems to be... wider deeper. But the scars heal pretty well and fast for the past 2 days. No stiches scars. Not too sure if its as you guys had said. To wait for 2 months for the results. My derm suggest waiting for 3 months to do a second one, at this point of time I wasn't sure if I wanted to. Simply that some of the excised scars seems deepr, the overall seems to improve quite abit. Perhaps beacuse
  17. Sorry but in my opinion don't do the small one... Maybe I'm not as good as others.. I would leave the small one for fraxel or resurfacing laser. I focus on crossing the deeper ones. The bigger and wider scars I tried excision. It seems to be an easier option. Can't see how good is it for me as my scars are still healing. Just after stiches removal 2 days only.
  18. I believe is time.....I done some TCA Cross with 100% for the previous few months... one of which I did only twice 4-5 months ago, which I stopped because I was worried after seeing the hole gets deeper and larger... Now barely noticeable after 3-4 months of healing....
  19. Hi everyone, I just would like everyone to know that I finished my 5th fraxel.... Where the last 2 is at 20 mj. Personally I would say it improves around 20%. Maybe because my scarring is particularly servere. It does some helps to my deeper pitted scars. But quite alot on the smaller ones. While doing my fraxel I did tried to do some tca cross in betweens ( manually) It helps abit in softening up the pitted scars. I'm doing excision now still pending for the results.... I would recomend t
  20. I had these big pimples and I found out a way to remove them without scaring or very minimised scarring. I realised that when you had a big pimple it will definitely cause scarring but if you tried this it will help alot. When your big pimple grow to the point when you saw the little yellow puss coming to the surface. Use a 30 gauge needle sringy to poke into the yellow puss... becareful as to make the opening as small as possible.... Gentle press the puss out of your pimple.. (YOu probably nee
  21. HI I be doing excision on thurs... My first... Those who done is... is it really as good as so many claim? I'm scared that it will not turn out good... Will I have the line scars very obvious after they removed the thread? For how long? I'm planning for a resurfacing after it... How long should I wait?
  22. I guess the reason for rolling scars are like... a depression with gentle slope (forgive me if I got it wrong)... It is pretty hard to gauge properly how much to put and the area to cover. Likely which like me you'll burn a narrow depression further to make things worse. But as I done fraxel.. Fraxel does wonder on rolling scars. some of my rolling seems almost hard to notice.
  23. For God knows how many times I said this. Better not do TCA Cross on Scarred pores. the pores are too small to do it well. Scarred pores are easily made unnoticeable by fraxel or rid of by more ablative resurfacing. TCA Cross would likely leave a wider scar. Unless you got the really thin toothpick. Even so you need a really good pair of eyes. Even so the acid will likely burn the pores bigger. Trust me I did it on one of my pores.