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  1. Amazing life experience, but didn't work for me

    I am giving it three stars instead of only one, because i want to not only rate it based on acne, but also how eye opening this was. As someone who has struggled with acne for 10+ years and has ALWAYS worn makeup and sincerely cared what other people saw on my face, this was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. For 4 months I did not wash my face, not even with water. I won't tell you my whole experience, because I logged it all on my page, but long story short my acne never got
  2. I think I gave it enough time... Unfortunately, it looks like this system that I just started is not the one for me. I wish with all of my heart that the caveman regimen as well as the one I have been doing for the past month worked for me, but It looked like it was helping, but, like always, it failed in the end. I still have ance....a lot of it. I have decided to not go on accutane because I do not want to put my body through it. I instead bought more of the acne.org regimen because I
  3. only for people who get 1-2 pimples a month

    This is not for anyone who has anything more than the mildest cases of acne, for it is to abrasive and irritating, and simply does not work. I used it for a few month back when I first got acne in the 6th grade. It worked for a two months and I remember vividly just breaking out more and more and being super embarrassed. I think it actually made my acne worse. Watch some of the commercials for this stuff. The people on there who talk about it in their before pictures literally have like one or
  4. Day 94 (Week 14) WOW this is going to be a very long post. I have so much to talk about. I would first like to say that I am currently doing a "modified" caveman regimen now, since I have gone practically three months without washing my face. Yes, my skin has improved, but I never solved the main problem--I was still getting acne. It wouldn't stop, and I knew that it had to be because of things going on within my body that I needed to address. My friend who is also struggling with acne
  5. Hey Serena95! I a so happy that I could encourage you to take this *giant* leap of faith. Since my last post, so much has happened, which I will log about in a few minutes. I think that it is so great how we all can help and be this backbone for each other, especially when it comes to suffering through acne and taking the journey to try to heal. The one month mark was so frustrating for me, because I believed that it would be way better, and it definitely wasn't. Really the largest improveme
  6. JLopez, Yes those were exactly the pimples. I am actually at the moment in my life where I have fully accepted what is on my face. I know now that only time will heal it, and I am not going to let myself get beat up over acne anymore. I can only give my scars time. And thanks for the tip! I actually don't need it anymore, since I am not flaky at all now My face is basically a giant scab that I am letting heal and fall off on its own. Hope all is well on your end, and thank you so much for bei
  7. Day 60 (week 9) Two months! I cannot believe it. And I have wonderful news: my skin is getting better. I am so afraid to post this, because I am scared that I will jinx myself and it will get bad again. The reason why it is better is because the texture of my skin is improving. My boyfriend even noticed it. Two weeks ago, before I went on my vacation, I was crying in his room, hiding from even him because I felt like I looked like a monster. My skin was so flaky and dry, I felt so ugly. And wh
  8. Day 43 (Week 6) I still am getting pimples, but a lot of them aren't even red. They are all whiteheads. Unfortunately, they do not go away in one day, but almost all of them come to a head within the same day, or the next. I just leave them alone. I don't really care anymore. Honestly what is bothering me more than the acne is the texture of my skin. It is so dry and bumpy and looks really rough. Sometimes I accidentally touch my forehead when moving my hair and it is just hard from the dead
  9. Day 38 Yes, I am still getting acne, but the numbers and amount of acne on my face is reducing. Woo! Like, the amount that I get each day, as compared to three weeks ago, has been decreasing. Also, my skin complexion is starting to look more even. I have two possible reasons for this: 1. I have started to drink 1-2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in the morning before breakfast. Once I did this four days ago, I noticed a difference later on in the day in the even tone of my skin.
  10. Day 34 Still getting acne, still everywhere. I don't know if it is from stress from finals week or because I always get acne. I started a food log to see if I can find a pattern between what I eat and what it does to my skin. I also couldn't take the dead skin yellow mask anymore that was on my cheeks (front part) and I took a wet cotton pad and gently scraped it off. It resulted in my skin feeling really read and raw. I also uncovered more whiteheads by doing it. I will do my best to not do
  11. Dsap, I am so happy to hear that you have found something that works for your skin! I am hoping that this has been the answer that I have been searching for for 10 years. Even though it has been a month, I still believe that it is too early to tell if I have "truly" turned the corner. I am so afraid that it will just backfire on me, since I know that it has happened to people in the past. All we can only do is keep trying and keep our fingers crossed
  12. Day 31 I just want to go ahead and brag a little bit and say that I am really proud of myself for never caving in and washing my face for 31 days. The first 4 days I used concealer, but after that I haven't put anything onto my face since. No makeup, no spot treatment...nothing. It was a month filled with ups and downs, (actually, a lot of downs) but I can say that I am so glad that I tried this. My skin is nowhere near perfect, still. My forehead is getting better and better each day, and
  13. Day 27 I couldn't take it anymore...the dead skin all over....I couldn't do it. I exfoliated with a washcloth and water. BUT! I didn't exfoliate my whole face, in case I were to mess up the regimen. I only did my chin, which was probably one of the worst parts that needed to be exfoliated. I used a white washcloth, and the little section of the cloth that I used is now YELLOW ew. The fibers are sticky with visible yellow dead skin cells. I told you that the dead skin gave me a yellow-ish look!
  14. Day 24 HALLELUJAH. Finally, some improvement!!! The improvement comes in the form that I have no pimples on my chin, and none forming (crossing my fingers), none on my upper lip (and none forming), and none on my forehead and none forming (crossing my fingers). My forehead is a 90% flat now, and with no whiteheads that I can see. It still has discoloration from all of the dead skin, and I have a bit of redness from pimples around my eyebrows and temples, but oh my goodness I am just so glad
  15. Day 21 It is week 3 and still no improvement. It is so incredibly disheartening, disappointing and frustrating. My skin is so dry that sometimes when I stretch it it hurts. I can see the dead skin all around my mouth, and it gives me this yellowish-orange color. My breakouts have not decreased in number, they continue to spread. I have them on my chin, upper lip, nose, eyebrows, temples and forehead. So, pretty much all over my face. I have red dots everywhere, from new whiteheads a