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  1. Hello everyone. I took Roaccutane back when I was 18. By the end of the course I had beautiful clear skin, and remember this clear skin period as one of the happiest times of my life. It was like such a weight off my mind to no longer have acne, as those of you who have experienced similar will relate. Anyway about 6 months later I had a few pimples return, and now 4 years later, my acne has become a problem once more. Ive started to have cystic acne on my shoulders and neck in particular, as w
  2. Hey everyone, Ive been using Dans regime for a few months now, and seen excellent results. However, today while surfing the net, I came across this medline article. And it seems like Benzoyl peroxide might be a lot more toxic and damaging to our skint than we thought. Im not sure if its going to motivate me to stop using the regime however, but maybe some other people could help shed some light on the full meaning of this article. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...st_uids=857139
  3. Hey everyone, I got some BP on one of my new T-shirts and its bleached it a little. I can deal with it, but the problem is, every time I was it, inspite of not getting any more BP on the t-shirt, the bleached patch appears to spread. Is there anyway of neutralizing the BP and stopping it from getting worse? Cheers, Jono.
  4. Benzac AC Gel 2.5% is awesome. Its OTC in Australia, not sure about other countries.
  5. Im not sure of the full range, but I know Ive used erthyromycin 2% (called Eryacne) in the past. Personally, I found 2.5% Benzac AC gel to work much, much better.
  6. I use differin and erthyromycin, and neutrogena oil free moisturiser and it works fine. Wont be a worry.
  7. Hey People, I noticed on this list that differin has fairly often copped a lot of bashing, so I thought It only fair to post atleast one success story in its favour. Ive been on differin combined with oral doxycyline for a little over 4 months, and I havent got a single spot. I had mild to moderate acne to begin with, and lots of blackheads. My acne got significantly worse intially, and I continued to have breakouts into the 3rd month, and in retrospect these must have been due to the differi
  8. I can only help with the minocycline question. It will only discolour teeth that are still growing, that is why its not a good idea for younger children. Adults with permanent teeth, it wont discolour.
  9. Dont give it to anyone else. And if I was you, and you have 'finished' your course of accutane and still have it left over, id just take the rest of it. Studies have shown that the higher the total amount of isotretinion that is taken in the course of therapy, the less chance of a relapse later.
  10. I dont know if this helps, but I actually find that not shaving helps my acne... but if I do grow a bit of facial hair, when I shave it, it seems to irritate my skin more than if i had shaved every-day. Hope that helps
  11. Sounds like it could be jaundice to me. Idicates that your liver is struggling. Id go to the doctor and get it checked out.
  12. Thanks for your input So it will prevent blackheads from forming? If the regimen does have this effect then i will give it a try.. Does anyone else have any experience in this respect? Cheers, Jono.