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  1. Question for DC Girl: 1. what do you use to sterilize the derma stamp? Example... if I use it today, then use it again a month from now, obviously I want to sterilize it for the next use since it has been punctured into my skin from the previous use... what can I use to effectively sterilize it? 2. What do you use to sterilize the derma-needle? 3. for the TCA spot-treatment, "when" do you wash the TCA off? Example... after applying 15% TCA, do you wash it off after 5 minutes?
  2. it stings and hurts very bad when you apply it. i've tried it and discontinued it after skin irritations.
  3. they say claron is more effective than bp. i've tried claron but wasn't all that great for me.
  4. a beautician who does facials is more likely to do this procedure than a dermatologist. I've had it done 8 times and all by a beautician.
  5. differin is very effective for whiteheads. it's the most effective topical for whiteheads and it also treats cysts. you can use both for better results - benzoyl in the morning and differin at night.
  6. punch excision is used for needle-type icepicks scars where the large pore-like scars are excised. punch elevation / float will work on boxscar and rolling scars where a sharp circular surgical instrument is pressed over the scar which elevates after healing.
  7. what would you guys say the maximum circumferance of a scar for tca to be used? example: 2mm, 1 mm, 3mm or 1/2 cm?
  8. water from the faucet contains chloramine and metals to keep the water clean.
  9. ACCUTANE is the answer to this problem. Accutane will clear up your entire acne.
  10. skin irritation/hyperpigmentation is a side effect with the sun. redness increases.
  11. it's the benzamycin that's causing the itchyness. benza is very harsh and painful when you apply it as it stings as you put it on, then the area might itch as well later. it will almost worsten the area at times. keep the mino.
  12. you should describe the type of acne scars you have... example: pitted/boxscar, rolling, or icepick. different types of scars are treated using various types of procedures.
  13. costco. you can save 30% on some prescriptions compared to other pharmacies
  14. to allow it to go away faster, stay out of the hot sun... the hot sun will make it redder. they last up to 6 months. prolonged usage of minocycline also increases redness in acne and in other areas of face. prolonged usage is considered to be 1 year or sooner. i recently got off minocycline because it was causing certain areas of my skin to have red marks. and according to a recent doc, he confirmed that mino will cause the skin to get redder after prolonged usage. mino had kept my skin cl
  15. how bad are your acne scars? photos? let us give you suggestions on what can be done... that's why this forum is here. there's plenty of information on this site
  16. do you have any scars now - if you do, don't pick it because you may be prone to scars.
  17. it's worked effectively for me... my acne would have been much worse if i hadn't used it. however the down fall is that prolonged usage of over 6 months will cause your acne or scars to develop into a reddish color. I've since discontinued the usage.
  18. the same thing happened to me as it did to you. i discontinued the treatment. noticed 0% gain.
  19. if you have "cold sores" as you put it, it's caused by the herpes simplex 1. I've had smoothbeam in the past - hasn't done much for the skin. valtrex is an anti-viral medication which can be used to supress flareups if you're interested.
  20. you can get a steroid cortisn injection into the inflamed area. scar tissue will be prevented and acne will be gone in 2 days.
  21. correction for #2: "non-hypoallergenic"
  22. #1: differin rarely messes up your face. people have reported problems with retinamicro. #2: any moisturizer which is hypoallergenic which won't cause zits #3: ? #4: ?
  23. i had gone to a beauty salon where they use some kind of an exfoliating peel but I don't know what it's called. the redmars and brownmarks I previously had were now gone... the mild peel had made the redness turn brown, then the brown spot of skin immediately peeled off after a day. do u know what they may have used?
  24. Hi, there was one that was left out - "punch elevation". This is different from punch excision. For excision, the skin is taken out then sown up. For elevation, a circular device is put on the skin, then cut into it, but the skin is not taken out - instead it's elevated, then left to heal.