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  1. personally i didnt put anything..only when u accidentally scratch any scabs then only apply cream (this is what my derm adviced me)...since abt 9mths of my Cross treatment i had abt 80% improvement on my scars
  2. TCA CROSS definetely will yield good improvement...I had scars similar like you but much smaller, since i had my Cross treament abt 9mths ago, now the scars heal 80%
  3. does the bp jel ships to Asia country?
  4. Yes, u can actually performed it yourself...i had a 4 treatmens and i get about 70% of results on both side of my cheek...
  5. I'm your neighbour, at mont kiara kuala lumpur there was a doc perform tca cross
  6. i'm a malaysian...i use capsules powder too by elken
  7. your scars is best to treat with TCA CRoss...check out the TCA cross topic
  8. I just had my 3rd TCA treatment yesterday and scabs hasnt form yet. To your opinion when can i start applying colostrum...and how long does it takes for the redness to fade
  9. I agree and i'm one of the TCA user
  10. TCA CROSS is the best. I had it done 1 week ago at the derm office, and the results were out of imagination. I was using 100% TCA, til now a few scars of mine still having scabs and it takes another 1 week or so to fall or heal
  11. Thanx maya for your respond..which website has lactic peel?? other than homepeels.com? homepeels only has 50% lactic peel and is it suitable for first timer like me?? =;
  12. =D> Is mandelic acid 10% has similar function like SP Serum?? or its for peeling?? e.g lactic peels...would u recommend lactic peel/Mandelic acid for asian skin?? i'm a chinese male with fair skin any input?? pls advice
  13. Could anyone tell me which of peels is suitable for 1st time user with asian skin?? Glycolic, lactic or ?? Appreciate yur advice
  14. Thanx steve, U've seen any improvement yet?? I plan to get one, but not sure which cream suits me..any input guyz??
  15. Thanx maya for your respond. What type of cream i've to use along with the roller, or jus roller ? Appreciate yur advice =;