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    isit tho?
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  1. aaabbbcccdddeeefff

    post acne

    well yeh its pretty much al gone now, just a few red marks in certain light. and some blackheads here u there.. i started with the regime, didnt really work too well for me, not in the short term anyway. may well have helped in the long run as im now effectively clear with not a breakout since i can remember!
  2. haha i dont even no what ur scoring

    1. course not. had some bumps trying to park it but thats another story lol

      1. mattyhisit? jus clicked ur link and lolled at ur webdesigned myspace again. i do hope ur well

        1. shit. if you cant say anythin nice dont say anythinat all. ur more annoyin than failing multiple driving tests

          1. ur so rubbish its unreal

            1. aww an org comment too, you spoil me. my msn is out at the mo but gotta say, i found us a perfect picnic spot earlier lol ;)

              1. Im OK thanks 4 askin, just same old boring life tho no better no worse , wut bout you?

                1. adam. hows trix? aint seen u on ere for a bit

                  1. i'm all about this skin. well abit nice. well done