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  1. Has anyone tried the home Philips Reaura Fraxel Laser? http://www.philips-shop.co.uk/store/catalog/skincare/skin-rejuvenation/reaura/productdetail/SC5000_00_GB_SHOPPUB/GB/en?origin=google_4041476_340776843_B&esvcid=S1365282457_ADOGOB_AGI4041476_CRE20904855398_TID340776843_RFDd3d3Lmdvb2dsZS5jby51aw%3d%3d_RAWcGhpbGlwcyUyMGZyYXhlbCUyMGxhc2Vy I've read some reviews by middle-aged women saying it made the texture of their skin look SLIGHTLY better but nothing drastic, and it costs £800 wh
  2. Those of you living in the UK who bought LEDs from the LED man - did you have to pay customs charges? Only I once bought something from America that cost about £50 and they put a £30 customs charge on it... Also, of the two sizes he does, is there any advantage to getting the bigger size?
  3. I went through a similar experience, though not quite as extreme, of obsessing about my looks. I really used to think I looked like a monster. I spent a year when I would come on this forum for hours every day, trawling through threads. Now I just check it once every few months in case some amazing new cure has arrived. Otherwise, I get on with my life. After stopping obsessing (mainly thanks to going to live somewhere where there just wasn't any internet access for a while) I was able to have
  4. I seem to recall reading that around 10 minutes was the optimum time to use with the LEDs and that using them for longer periods could even have a negative effect. Can't remember where I read this and I'm no expert, perhaps you could ask Lamar about it. I'm only saying this because I don't want you to waste your time. Good luck with this and do let us know when/if you have any results.
  5. Don't. It messes around with pigmentation. There are heaps of other things that would lessen redness without the dangers of hydroquinone, and it won't do anything for scars depth-wise. Most anti-wrinkle creams will help with the redness, in my experience they also have a SLIGHT tendancy to reduce the appearence of scars' depth, but only on a temporary basis.
  6. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, thanks for your honesty on this issue. I genuinely believe people are attracted to the spirit in a person, the way they talk and move, rather than their appearance (regardless of what adverts try to persuade us to believe, in order to get us to buy products). I hope you are able to get on without your life and put the scars issue to one side.
  7. I understand that Tazorac's similar to Accutane and with Accutane I would wait AT LEAST 3 months after stopping taking it before trying anything like needling, as it can seriously prevent healing, giving you more scars if you're not careful.
  8. Munsoned, are you doing needling with the LED lamps or just on its own? For the record, I needled once and it made most of the scars I did it on slightly deeper. I think I probably did it too deeply. They were only shallow scars and my skin is quite thin. I think you need to remember to take your own skin thickness into consideration when deciding what depth to needle at.
  9. As I understand it, Dudley used LEDs after fraxel sessions and Missyjean used it after chemical peels... is that right? Whereas the people who claim to have positive results used LEDs after needling / dermarolling? Maybe LEDs work better combined with certain scar revision techniques, not others. It seems logical, given research that it speeds healing, that LLLT would help moderately in the case of needling, in the same way a good topical would, just by speeding up the healing.
  10. Most sites on LLLT are trying to sell something, so as usual it's not easy to find something definitely unbiased, but most of the studies I've come across used a 820nm or 830nm wavelength for near-infrared, rather than 880nm. I'm not saying 880nm would do nothing at all, but given the research, maybe it's not the best choice?
  11. The article specifically says that 880mn is 'bad choice' of wavelength. If you look at the chart, you can see that 820mn would be a much better wavelength of infrared to use. Moreover, it seems that 620mn or 680mn would be more effective than 660mn. I wonder why the LED man didn't choose to sell devices with these wavelengths instead?
  12. I wouldn't, unless it's a separate part of your face you use BP on. With dermarolling or needling you need to give your skin the best chance of healing well to create more collagen, and in my experience BP slows healing. It's too harsh to use on skin you have dermarolled.
  13. Thanks for reporting on your progress. It doesn't sound as great an effect as Lamar suggested, but maybe it needs more time. I'd be worried if my scars were getting 'wider and broader' though, doesn't that make them more noticeable?
  14. It seems like a lot of people bought the LEDs about 6 months ago now, are there any more reports on their progress? I realise some people have been posting in other threads, but as I don't come on here regularly it's hard to keep up, and it can be hard to find them. I've found legend's thread, which doesn't seem to come to any particular conclusion. Are there any other relevant threads that show progress (or lack of it) with the LEDs?
  15. I used BP for years and while it was pretty good for preventing spots, for those that DID come up it seemed to stop them healing, leading to increased red marks / scars. I would suggest the BP is probably to blame, so don't use it on bits of skin that are trying to heal.