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  1. I don't have major acne, but I do have huuuuge pores, lots of blackheads, and my skin is riddled with small bumps. What are some ways to get rid of it? Microdermabrasion...?
  2. Am I giving up this stuff FOREVER? o.0 if so, then no way! I need my computer to do my homework. I need my phone to talk to people... and my tv can go. I don't care about that. errrr... and I like my clothes a lot... they cost a lot... and I love listening to music wherever I go. so... I don't tihnk that I could do it. haha
  3. Are they worth it? Who has it worked for? They're kind of expensive... but is it worth they money?
  4. oooh really? that helps! What moisturizer might you suggest?
  5. L'oreal hydrafresh cleanser and sometimes I'd use the vitamin e moisturizer from the bodyshop
  6. School, work, friends, and before I used to spend all my spare time with a guy, but not anymore!
  7. I've been on it for a few months and I just seem to be breaking out more lately. I believe I followed it properly? I wash my face in morning, put a lot of bp gel on, and once again at night. Hmmmm
  8. haha yeah, first thing in the morning, I look like a freaking leper. I'm pale with blotchy red marks everywhere and horrible eyebags. Eeek!!! After I wash my face and the moisturizer's set in.. my complexion begins to even out a bit (thank gosh).
  9. I'm sure you're great and look good. But does anyone else think it's easier for girls with acne in terms of having guys want them? A guy with acne would have a harder time I'd think having girls going for him. hah I don't look very good. but acne is generally harder for guys because guys are normally the "chasers". If a guy lacks the confidence to go after a girl because of acne, then he probably won't get one. I know this one guy... he's the ugliest, most pimply guy ever, but he reek
  10. I hate mascara, try using fake lashes?
  11. hahahaha of course not. I have acne and (not to sound conceited ) lots of guys want me.
  12. reenz


    haha ok. I hope the itching dies down within the next week or so. right now I want to claw my face off :(and I'm going to try not moisturizing at night hahaha
  13. Ahhhhh!!! My face is all itchy. I wanna... scratch scratch scratch! Who else became super duper itchy when they first began using the gel? and how long were they itchy for?