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  1. I started a similar diet almost a week ago. The hardest to avoid, by far, is the gluten. I still eat a little every day (like a flour tortilla or 2 slices for a sandwich or something). Have you found good GF pasta or bread?
  2. iodine aggravates acne in my experience.
  3. Breakfast burrito. Scramble some eggs and put them in a tortilla. Add ham or some other meat if you want.
  4. Breakfast burrito. Scramble some eggs and put them in a tortilla. Add ham or some other meat if you want.
  5. [Week 6] Still recovering from the bad breakout... my complexion still isn't that good. Lots of red and brown marks. I haven't had a new pimple in almost 2 weeks though, which is good. I feel like the diet is helping. I will stick with it at least for 2 months to evaluate how it works. I' ve eliminated all dairy and refined sugars, and I've been trying to reduce my gluten and grain intake but I find it really hard to not eat bread items. My skin seems to be less oily from not taking in so muc
  6. I disagree with the suggestion to move up potency in BP, given that your face is still red and flaky. It can only get worse doing that man. I learned this the hard way using 5% stuff. Caused burns and red marks all over my face. And yeah after 12 weeks I would call it quits. That's definitely more than adequate time for your face to adjust. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. But there are always more things to try--don't give up hope
  7. Yeah you should save money and just use toilet seat covers to blot oil.
  8. Week 5.5 The terrible breakout I had is healing better now (after not healing for like a week straight). About 50-60% improvement.... still looks bad though. In addition to being on the regimen I have decided to change my diet. Currently (and for the last 10 years) I consume a lot of pasta, dairy products and sweets with saturated fat. I'm going to try and take them out of my diet. Starting now I'm going to try and avoid dairy, wheat, sugar and lots of carbs. This comes after reading lots of
  9. I get that too. Not sure if it's normal or not. I may try a different moisturizer soon
  10. I'm 23 years old, male, had mild acne for about 10 years. Maybe 2-4 pimples a week, very oily, large pores around and on my nose that secret white stuff all the time. Before starting the regimen I can squeeze stuff out of the pores almost anytime. Complexion is sort of bad from scarring (brown marks, no indentations or anything);. [Week 1] Starting the regimen using a 5% BP that I found lying around that came from a Nature's Cure package. For the first week I don't moisturize at all becaus
  11. Well... breaking out can't be a good thing. But I'm in the same position as you. Broke out really bad in week 4. Hope it's not as bad for you. I guess stick with it though.
  12. I've been washing with clearasil daily face wash, then applying either neutrogena OTS 2.5% or nature's cure 5% afterwards. Moisturizing with cetaphil. Same in the morning and at night. I was clear for 3 weeks, then a week ago I broke out really bad in one area with the aforementioned pimples that are leaking honey-colored liquid stuff. I have continued the regimen throughout this breakout, but the pimples aren't subsiding at all, and they keep producing this liquid stuff. No matter how much bp I
  13. No I have never been on antibiotics. Do I need to be? Why would this start all of a sudden?
  14. I've been on the regimen for about 4 weeks. Recently I broke out and the pimples have been releasing this fluid with a yellowish tint a lot. When I wake up in the morning they will be sort of covered by it. I've never seen it before... anyone know what causes this? Additionally, they don't seem to be healing at all.
  15. I'm on week 4 also... weeks 1-3 were great, I was almost completely clear... then I randomly broke out and got like 15 pimples in this one area. It's so discouraging. I've never broke out like that before. I'm not sure what happened