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  1. Do the words worry wart have any significant meaning to you?
  2. Just wondering....why is this just a cure for forehead acne?
  3. wow, awesome megan. did you notice that when you just put it on the spots, those spots were lighter than the rest of your face? no not lighter than the rest of my face. it was really a cure all, i didnt however use the moisturizer that came with it. I like more gel/lighter types and the one that came with it not only smelled like sunscreen but it was just so goopy and thick that it clumpped and rubbed off of my face. But my brother really liked it, i guess it was only an issue when apply
  4. Men are afraid that any thing feminine makes them gay. Id get into the debate of why being gay has to be so stigmatized but ill stray from that. I wouldnt assume that just because a guy wears make up that hes gay, anymore so that if a girl didnt wear make up id think shes a lesbian.
  5. My homestate of arkansas hosts the worlds largest wal mart annnd its headquarters. exciting no?
  6. I used acnefrees' red mark remover. After just the first night I noticed amazing results. I never had a problem with it breaking me out and it only cost around 14.00. There was so much in there that I shared it with my brother and we both got rid of our red marks.
  7. My friend Dani is from pennsylvania. When we went to allentown to visit her family we ran into a little pack of amish teenagers. A few of them had acne. *shrug*
  8. I dont really understand the stigma attached to men wearing make up. Whats wrong with it?
  9. I have heard wonderful things about using jojoba oil. If only I could find some I am only 19 but am experincing the wrinkles as well. : o/
  10. I have used the st.ives apricot scrub in the past and it just wasnt enough to get rid of my flakes. I needed some heavy duty stuff. I also didnt like the using the apricot scrub because it left this gunky residue all over my shower after I used it. I know this sounds silly but this is exactly what I do. I wash my face and then apply just a thin layer of loose powder to my face. The powder helps me see where my flakes are so that I can make sure to scrub more there. I mix up the oil a
  11. Im so glad that someone else mentioned this. Ive even started applying my make up by my back sliding glass door so that I make sure to apply it in the worst light possible for me. If I apply it in my bathroom which has flourscent lights it never looks right. If I apply it in my bedroom, its so dim it seems to hide everything and I cant see any flaws in my skin. When I sit by the door and the sunlight I see all these flaws and it drives me insane. My skin is finally going back to what it
  12. gas is natural. its sign of healthy digestion. i heard it on a nickeloden commercial so it must be true.
  13. I heard someone mention this phrase and it made me wonder I dont really have wrinkles but this is an odd way to put it you know when you put glue on your hand as a kid and then let it dry and peel it off? and you can see all the tiny lines and what not of your skin? Well my face sort of looks like that its no longer completly smooth I see these little fine tiny lines, not really indentions but just lines. is that from bp and will jojoba oil really take care of it?