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  1. haha, I had a similar situation.. there were 3 guys, one infront, across and right next to me. One was picking his nose- not just the typical scratching off the external booger but like REALLy getting at it, the other had his shoe off next to me and was swaying it right up in the air and smelling his feet from time to time and it reeked, the one infront of me had extremely bad BO.. I was by the wall and couldn't get up and change seats since the room was totally packed and it was my first class
  2. No sense of humor? Look who's talking asshole. Ha, offended you, eh? You know I'm right. I bet your sitting on your arse 24/7 infront of the monitor. Loose some arse fat you friggin loser.
  3. Haha.. your only popular on the internet image cracked me up. I vision you as some fat arse loser with no friends in reality with a virtual girlfriend.. and your screen name too.. your bitter and lonely, a social pariah and those wankers that need to oppress others to feel good about themselves. Keep your retarded opinions to yourself.
  4. Yeah, I tried their moisturizing soap and lotion since I have extremely dry sensitive skin. Both were cruddy and irritated my skin like crazy. However, may work well on other skin types.
  5. Pure korean red ginseng extract has helped fade my redness...but it is extremely expensive and not worth using on a daily basis. Also, if you want a natural gentle product, you can try out juice beauty redness reducing serum..worked quite well for me, but not as well as the ginseng. Good luck to you.
  6. You can try exfoliating to regenerate new skin cells faster. You may also use whitening creams to lessen the redness temporarily. Other then that, you can just wait it out since redness tends to fade with time.. unless you have rosacea. Good luck.
  7. maybe your sunlotion contains zinc oxide? Mine does instead of the usual titanium dioxide. I heard zinc creams are good for the skin although I'm not too sure on how they work.
  8. meh.. for me pimples turn into whiteheads which then turn into red marks which then fades in half a decade or so.
  9. Hello, I was just wondering as to how much this procedure cost. Also, do are you seeing improvements? Thanks ^^
  10. yumi


    I love kimchee! ^^;; I have few korean friends and they all have impeccable skin. I'm not sure if kimchee helps with acne though, but it is extremely healthy and tasty.
  11. I usually eat the chromium(200mcg) before breakfast to help break down the carbs and zinc(30mg) before bed for better absorption. I used to have quite oily skin, but after I stopped irritating my skin with harsh soap and toners, I've realized my skin was naturally extremely dry. I also used pure tea tree oil diluted in water which helped rid of my acne. If your skin is extremely oily, take zinc. I don't take zinc anymore since it makes my dry skin peel and chapped. So, it may help and make your
  12. Obese people tend to have lower levels of testosterone. High levels of testosterone can lead to too much sebum production which can lead to breakouts. Thats one of the reason why some females get hormonal acne a few days before there menstrual cycle because their estrogen levels drops during that time and the testosterone takes over. Thus, generally speaking, more obese people than skinny have blemish free skin.
  13. It made my hair thicker but also made me break out. Don't think it helps with acne, perhaps it may help with acne scars?
  14. What i think is worse is when you complain about it to a doctor or GP or whatever and they simply brush it aside and say it is common, its possibly one of the most demeaning and unfair comments you could make, simply because a lot of people have acne your not allowed to inquire as to how you can help? Stupid world Btw, that was not my quote. baka