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    California ( Westside!! lol..kidding)
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    Having as much fun as possible, while still dealing wit acne.
  1. Damn it! All the hot women costumes I cant wear because of my fucking acne on my chest, this is bullshit, its the same thing every year! anyone else having issues?? <a href="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a182/Realpink07/cotume6.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a> <a href="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a182/Realpink07/costume7.jpg"
  2. RollingTears


    I actually like semi short guys because i'm a pretty short girl. brown or black hair I dont like guys who have to much muscle kinda chubby....like not skinny I like guys who feel like teddy tears. nice smile....friendly smile. nice style ( ranging from many differnent style...not one specific) hahaha, see.......
  3. RollingTears


    Sorry to single out this part of your post.. But so you've experienced ugly guys flirting? :cool: I mean that sucks, I guess.. but what about the poor ugly guys! Story of my life. :doubt: ummmm. everyone has their own type, and you would be suprised what i think is hot. So please dont take that personally...
  4. RollingTears


    Here's what I know... First off, let me say that I'm a girl with mild to moderate acne, A girl known for wearing alittle to much bare mineral makeup A girl not given the chance to join the swimming team, dance team, or choir gruops because the outfits they wear show my acne not only on my face. This is what keeps me up at night. A girl who has never experienced a hot guy flirting. A girl who never experienced a cute guy flirting. What is so attractive about that? well, in my opinion I would ste
  5. Hey everyone, accutane is going well, exept that i might nit be on it this month... BUT , I am a really fair pale girl and ever since using accutane i have been tanning fairly easy. Before I would just burn up and flake, now im getting brown! NoT BURNT. Is this unusual? I like being tan but do any of you have the same experience? Thanks. And trust me, Ive never been the tanning type, I had my FIRSTT tan line a week ago. Not a burnt line.
  6. RollingTears


    Thanks all !! I feel like I really have support for once with my acne. People who say I have flawless skin are jugding from pictures and as you guys said, you can NEVER trust pictures. The truth of the matter is, I have acne! and Alot of it. Maybe a big reason why I was put on accutane was because of my back! uggg just thinking about it and knowing its right behind me , it just freaks me out. Acne on ur face is much easier to treat, because its easy to reach. However I have it badly on my back w
  7. So, I got on accutane 2 days ago!! I knew I dont seem excited but Its been a VERYYYYY LONGGGGG journey to get it....it breaks my heart actually. I was always told my acne wasnt right for accutane at Kaiser ( my hospital) but right when I change, my new derm says " wow, if my daughter had it this bad , she would have already been on it( accutane)". It made me feel like I wasted time. I really need to clear my skin up! Life has been very tough for me, until this point. I HAVE FAITH !!! Please god,
  8. so... I have presistant moderate acne. ( back, shoulders, and face..neck...you know.). I'm buying accutane, what mg dosage should I use, 20mg a day for 5 months?? Its either that or 40mg a day for 5months....so help please! I would say I have moderate acne with a few cysts.
  9. RollingTears


    not true, you seem bitter. People give me crap, saying I have no acne....oh like those pictures actually show it. I know that with me, my skin is pretty much a crap load of shit but all you see in my pics is clear skin. Its called photoshop. I definitly go through as much as most people on this site but they judge a book by its cover. Hypocrites
  10. RollingTears

    My acne rant

    OMG!!!! I feel EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Wow. I've always wanted to rant like you just did, I'm with you on everything...wow...idenitical situation!
  11. RollingTears

    Maybe you dont care .

    They thanks for understanding, if I have to struggle to get it, I will. Oh and great advice ( i will ask around).
  12. RollingTears


    you guys....whats the difference between generic accutane and normal accutane? I cant seem to find the answer........can you plz help me out?
  13. RollingTears

    Maybe you dont care .

    My health care provider..and I'm 15, I cant change that
  14. RollingTears

    Maybe you dont care .

    I'm so embarrassed......... By the way, keep in mind, I have acne very bad on my back, shoulders and chest.....I feel real bad admitting it right now. like cystic acne? I think people with body acne are more likely to get prescribed accutane try going to a different derm and tell them how it's affecing you Kaiser doesnt just let you see other derms. Does ANYONE see how damn frustrated I am. Itnt it true that our own personal problems seem worse than "other" peoples problems? Its
  15. RollingTears

    Maybe you dont care .

    Yeah I'll think about putting some pictures up, I'm not a very brave person. Well, I use bare minerals too, but I thought it would work better than it does....My face doesnt look very even or covered so yeah..I have to wear a light coat of liquid foundation under it . Now that I hear what you guys have to say, I'm a little more scraed of buying it online. I just dont know what to do though, I'm so desprate. I've had this acne for so long, uggg. I need a masage. too bad I wont let anyone touch my