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  1. I had to get blood tests every month for accuatane. Just dont look at your arm and try talking to the guy taking your blood about something you like and it will be over before you know it. And it doesnt really hurt, just a little pinch when they stick the needle in.
  2. For me retin-a worked better than differin but, that all depends on what kind of acne you have.
  3. Hey ive been off accutane for a month now. Glad to hear everything is going good because its been the same for me. In a few monthes im sure your redmarks will be gone and you'll really be livin it up. Im also happy I got to have a good summer, my last one was miserable. So for all the people reading this, accutane has worked for me and freddie. I think more people should be less afraid of accutane because with my experience it is very well monitored and the results were better than the many
  4. ya remember pea sized amounts. it doesnt feel like its enough at first but you'll get used to it and it works just as well as over applying it. If you are already using pea sized amounts and its still irritating your skin then remember things like hott water dry out your skin, so cut back on that and experiment around with moisterizers so you find the one that works unconditionally good for you. Good luck! -N4S
  5. Hang in there. You'll be glad you did in the end. I just got off accutane and I havnt had a pimple or a cycst since...I think this is by far the longest Ive gone without getting one. The first few monthes are very hard on you but by your 4th month its all uphill from there. Remember that no matter how bad you feel after accutane it only gets better. Good luck on the rest of your treatment! -N4S
  6. Getting out in the sun is good, the sun kills bacteria and stuff on your face. Just make sure to wear sun screen.
  7. i know how ya feel...im white as a ghost, i was at a west catholic track tournament (got 1st in 1 mile relay) and i was in the sun for awhile on accutane and i was burned so bad i havnt been able to recover the whole way because its so sunny. Been wearin spf 50 and puttin on aloe vera (awesome stuff) that helps heal your face. I wish the best of luck to you. Hope all goes well, N4S
  8. hey freddie im doin another month for sure because i had a bad break out on my back, but my face has been healin and im seeing some good improvement. bacne sucks cuz i had a friend come up to be and slap me on the back and it hurt so bad...wanted to cry it hurt so bad, nobody could understand why it hurt that bad. lol, o well good luck to you hang in there your doin awesome, this personal log is probobly the best place for people to see what accutanes really like. later N4S
  9. hey freddie hows it goin? im also doin an extra month. i was doin great until last month when i had a small breakout, doin alot better now though. I just want clear skin for the summer!! Sorry i disappeared for awhile, my connection got all messed up. But i wonder if its common to have a mid breakout on accutane?
  10. N4S

    Accutane Log

    start of...Week 6 Well I got my second perscription of accutane and it was weird because when she reveiwed my results for accutane My Chlorestoral level went down from a month ago...weird. I have seen more improvements and the rashes on my arms are starting to go away. I also got a new moisturizer called M.D. Forte (I think its french) but it works like no moisturizer i have before. I put on a little in the morning and my face is moist for the rest of the day. I also started using Aquaphor,
  11. Alot of the side effects are very rare. The ones most people get are extreme dryness and bloody noses (also caused from dryness)
  12. When I used the regimen for a while I found out the more you put on the redder you get. It was the middle of winter and i looked like a red light off a christmas tree. Just use as much as dan and no more and you'll be fine. Good Luck!
  13. Glad that you pulled out with clear skin. I wish you good luck on keeping your skin that way. As for the red marks, im sure you can go to a drug store and find something that helps heal them up a bit faster. Good Luck!
  14. Ive been on accutane for alomost a month and I have already seen some good results. I am sure the initial breakout is over and my skin has been getting better and healing every day. Its gotten pretty dry but enough mositurizer helps clear that right up. Ive noticed that with accuatane I can use as much moisturizer as I want and still not get any kind of breakout from it. I would say that if you have bad cystic acne, and nothing else works, then go for accutane!
  15. N4S

    Accutane Log

    start of...Week 5 Wow what an amazing week. I dont think I've ever had acne on my mind more this week than any week in my entire life. My skin has dryed out to a level of dry I have never experrienced before. I also got my blood work done (the dude had a mohawk and liked the same kinda music) so that was cool. On friday I go in to get my perscription filled again with my dermatolagist. Ok for the dry skin (I now have the rashes on my arms I was paranoid about) Im using Neutragena moisturi