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  1. Let me give you a little bit of advice, im not going to bullshit. At 15, the same thing happened to me. Instead of taking action immediately, i waited 4 years. I tried many prescription medications, and just about everything over the counter, i tried diet and B5, and then just gave up. I was depressed for four years, and missed my chance with 2 dream girls because i was too shy to ask them out because i was teased so much. 4 years later i'm still depressed and alone, still have acne, and girls s
  2. the accutane is too expensive as is, so going to an out of insurance derm is out of the question i believe.
  3. my health insurance only allows me to go to very few doctors nearby. I live out in the boondocks, all the derms are hours away. I dont see how a doctor could really monitor me other better than i could monitor myself. If things get bad i will slow down. As it stands, i am more than willing to risk the terrible side effects of the drug to be able to go out and live a normal life instead of sitting here hunched at the computer. I have put a good amount of hours into accutane research and im pret
  4. I've been fighting acne since the start of 9th grade. My doctor put me on everything from tetracycline to taz and nothing has worked. Ive tried more over the counter products and diet plans etc than i have time to list. He would never prescribe me accutane even though his prescribed medicine was not working a bit. I am now out of 12th grade, and am fighting depression and a myriad of psychological, emotional and drug problems that im sure can all be traced back to my acne, because before i was a
  5. My acne is hardly anything these days. However, my skin is still blotchy and red. People have asked if my face burns because it is so red. I am on tazorac but my face was the same way for years prior to this. It changes around every day from place to place, its not natural complexion because some areas are perfect. i think it might jsut be that my skin reacts harshly to my hands, and so an area gets inflamed if i touch it too much? I dont pick really but its hard to keep my hands off my face som
  6. no. its better but not gone. your supposed to give it 4-6 months before giving up.
  7. Hello all, i have been on tazorac for roughly 2 months, and have seen much improvement however the peeling is becoming ridiculous. The obvious option here is moisturizer, but it usually leaves my face pretty shiny and gross looking, and wears off after only a few hours. I have been applying once a day and washing off after roughly an hour. I dont want to start skipping days, and have not been using very much so if i use less it wont cover my entire face. The peeling occurs mostly on my chin, che
  8. i smoke cloves occasionally. no they dont get you high, they are legal. yes they do contaion tobacco as well as nicotine. no it will not affect your acne. Cloves are just normal cigarretes with cloves mixed in so they burn longer, smell better and taste better
  9. mandelic acid is just good all around. Helps with scarring i hear, and general complexion/redness. Its somewhat of a variation from the acne cure's glycolic acid, i find it better than glycolic. As for the multi vitamin, for some people i guess it works and for some it doesn't. It seems to help me some.
  10. Well, this has all been said before, nothing new here. But if someone is new to the boards and just looking for a good general regimen, hopefully this will help. I had pretty mild/moderate acne, there are a few miniscule bumps left but hardly noticeable. My regimen is just a rehash of a couple other peoples, and a few tips. I have got so much information from this site i figured i had to give something back before i leave, ill check back a few times in case there are questions. Its pretty straig
  11. i dont trust it after reading this guys brilliant 'drink your pee to cure acne' remedy. i dont see how hot bread would pull the junk out, sorry. The heat might open up the pores to let some stuff out if you needle'd it first, but you wouldnt need bread or anything to do that, just a hot washcloth
  12. Hey all, just had a few quick questions, hopefully someone can shed some light on them for me. I have mild to moderate acne, i am a male, and it sort of comes and goes. I think it is mostly from from me squeezing tiny insignifcant little spots that no one could ever see. I have virtually no bumps on my face at all, but i have tons of red marks. So my question is, what affect does temperature have on red marks/acne? From just using ice and hot water, i know it has an immediate and direct effect
  13. Dont give it up just because of the break out. When i started doing it, my skin looked and felt good a few days. Then i broke out horribly. I kept with it and after a few more days, my face looked great again, so i think it was just stuff coming up. It still looks great and is getting better every day.
  14. i have this stuff too, i have to say that it is junk. It makes my face oily and shiny, and not any other product has ever done that to me. It also smells pretty gross when i leave it on. Never seemed to help, so im sticking to C&C products and mandelic for now, and my skin has never looked better
  15. At first i thought it might be a good idea, but decided that its just based off loose thought. The doctors say its not connected, good enough for me! Sure hormone levels may rise when you have sex, but i dont see how it could really affect your sebum production. A little testosterone from masterbating or having sex will do barely anything, in my opinion. Plus, think about all the people you see that DONT have acne. Every clear faced guy you see probably beats it, and you dont see them having out