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  1. Ya I use proactiv too and it did clear up my acne, but it's starting to come back too... I don't know if this is because I'm like "oh my skins better now... i don't have to apply it as religiously as before..." or whatnot... But proactiv has Benzoyl Peroxide... the same stuff that's advocated in Dan's clear skin regiment (the link in the very top right) and according to that... your skin/bacteria/whatever does NOT become immune to BP... so... who knows?
  2. Wow thanks for your story I really should be watching what I eat anyways in terms of my body's health... Recently my acne has gotten worse... And it started around the time I stopped exercising (about 3 weeks ago...). I stopped lifting, and I stopped running (which I had tried to do every day by alternating). Now all I do is sit at this (goddamn) computer all day long. Although I don't know any reasoning behind it, exercise is probably a key factor along with diet (and I should probably ch
  3. there is no copyright violation here... Chris Gibson (the author) has the copyright to the words/pictures in his book. Meaning I cannot reproduce verbatim his words used in his book--which I do not... Knowledge cannot be copyrighted... All I do is put in my own words the knowledge currently in my brain. And as for my proposal of distributing... That's all it is... a proposal. Who knows whether I do it or not? Afterall... there are other forms of communication other than this forum... E
  4. more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enema ya... i'd be all up for at least trying this method.... but this is the only part i fear :shock: .... I just wanted some information before i go through with it :P
  5. So I've gotten hold of this e-book recently, and I'm wondering what people thought of it... Here's a link of what i'm talking about... *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules that you agreed to when you signed up here. * (no i'm not endorsing this... I put it here only for reference...) Anyways the premise is that since we eat such unhealthy food nowadays... our colon/intestines/something get clogged with toxins/junk, and these toxins feed back into our blood stream. Our body then