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  1. any luck with this procedure now that time has gone by?? bump
  2. i dont know why but i have done 3 crosses on my scars and they unfortunately are worse then before. i dont understand why??
  3. How high a level of vit c? i mean how many milligrams a day???
  4. ok, so right after you needle the scar you apply what????
  5. can anyone tell me, are they a permanent thing on scars or not?
  6. you want me to defend myself for what! what is wrong with telling people about a treatment I had done. if you dont like the fact that I am "too nice" then that is your problem. give me a break. if you want to call the doctor then call the doctor if you dont then simply dont. thats all I have to say about it. I am not here to fight or argue about a treatment that I had and liked. I am here to share my thoughts like everyone else. So whatever!
  7. hello everyone, sorry i havent gotten back with you, I only check in after work. Anyway, I have been a member with acne.org for many years now and this is my first post with a doctor. I have tried many products and so forth like all of you. So for all those interested here goes and all those who think I am spamming well, sorry you think so. The doctors name is Dr. Harwani and his number is 1312-343-0628. You can call him for more information and even a free consultation. So you wont lose
  8. Hello, I have been with acne.org for sometime now and have done and tried many things that were listed on this board. Some good some not so good. I have had scars for quite a few years. I have found a great doctor in the Chicago area that has a great scar removal program. It is working for me awesomely and well anyone interested and in the Chicago area let me know and I can give you the info. He uses a microderm with the pedal and although I have had many microderms with no results this is
  9. would a neutralizer be like baking soda??? bump