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  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard of NeoBenz Micro. My derm gave me some samples last week and I really haven't tried them yet. Supposed to be a special non irritating 8.5% BP cream. Any ideas?
  2. Thinking about running to walgreens after class to try out some desitin which I read is similiar to sudocrem.
  3. I know where you are coming from. My acne is mild at worst and I sometimes I can't man up and go out. Being nearly 22 and having friends that look like adults compared to me is sometimes(most of the time) saddening. Friends dont really care though .. go out have fun and enjoy the holidays!
  4. a nice reply. ^^^Douchebag ^^^Douchebag x 2
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I will make another appointment with my derm soon after xmas - hopefully get on something that works a bit better for me. About the order of application. In the morning after washing, should the SA go on before the BP? At night I will be using differing, which I have read is ok with BP, but what about SA? If it is alright to use the 3 together, what order should the be applied?
  6. Snow... I have the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion as well as BP and differin. Any suggestions for applications ( day and night)? Right now I am on something like this. Wash Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion BP moisturizer/spf Wash differin BP moisturizer as needed I have had a perscription for differin for nearly a year - and have had little to no success with it. Always have been applying at night, then bp, then moisturizer. Time to try a new retinoid if
  7. Walked out of my derms office a few around thanksgiving with another perscription for differin and a change in antibiotics to solodyn. The differin doesn't concern me, though I would like to try RAM or something like that as I have been on differin for nearly a year. But I have been on some sort of oral antibiotic since I visited my derm for the first time... sometime in 2004 if i remember correctly. I feel like she is just taking my money on my visits. All she said last time was "wow, tho
  8. I have read that differin is ok to use with BP. If you use them both, I understand that you should apply differin then apply BP. I have seen little to no results when using with BP and I have been applying it regularly since the derm gave it to me almost 9 months ago. Should I cut it out and only wash my face at night, apply differing and get to sleep?
  9. Derm took me off of dynacin (100mg a day) and now im on solodyn (135mg a day). If I remember correctly i have been on antibiotics since I started going ot this derm about 2 years ago.. maybe longer. This time she looked at me for a second asked me how I was doing. Looked at my face and was like - ooooohh those are deep (my acne) - lets try different antibiotics and keep you on the differin. not happy. lol
  10. Thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated. I am not sure if my acne is mild or moderate. I just saw mild cause I have seen some of the pictures of moderate and severe. Right now i have two large red bumps - dont think they are cystic cause I presume the will be gone in about a week - and generally they done come to a head. I am insured - my dad takes care of it. All i know is that I pay $45 for differin tube and 45 for dynacin pills. Doesnt seem tooooo cheap to me - would be terrifi
  11. Hey guys Same old story. I have had acne sine about 16, still have it and am turning 22 in a few months. Mild to moderate case. Even though it is not severe, my derm has suggested tane in the past and I turned it down. Asking for something like differin and a change in antibiotics. I have my checkup the day before thanksgiving, and believe she may ask me if I would try tane because to tell you the truth I trust her and she has told me before that nothing else is working which is fairly
  12. Is it something like this --- > http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...rentPage=search Let me know how it goes.
  13. I tried the qtip - but for some reason it didnt work as well as when the 'tear' rolled down my face? I am going to try to get a cotton ball loaded with it and then hold it on there for a bit ...