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  1. Joy, you should not think that acne makes you not sexy at all. Many men find that acne can be sexy actually, especially on women around their 30s. I had a look at your photos and I found that (for what could be seen) your skin is charming.
  2. I think it is very good that you want to stop using makeup. Boys really prefer girls that show how they are naturaly, even with acne. Anyway, red marks left from acne can also be rather charming.
  3. The redness you speak off, is this red marks left by acne, or a reaction to the use of makeup?
  4. OK, maybe you are going to yell at me, but let me just make my point. You say people stare at your skin, because you have marks, scars, bumps, etc... And you think they stare because they find it ugly. Well, maybe some of them do. But what if they stared because they find you cute. Not everyone thinkgs that marks, scars and bumps are ugly. Some people think they are nice. They can put into value nice features. Just like freckels or moles can. You don't believe me? But, after all, you say y
  5. I have no problem to imagine this. I find that acne can be sexy. I am sure that your chin is very attractive.
  6. But how can you be that sure? You should not take it for granted. Pimples around women's mouth are often sexy (I am not saying always. You can never generalise). Maybe yours are too.
  7. I was grown up in several countries around Europe, so I cannot really identify a specific culture that would make me think this way. Anyway, I am not sure this has so much to do with the country one lives in (I mean, as long as this remains a Western kind of country). My theory is that as a matter of fact more men than you would believe think it, but, sociologicaly, this is not a thing they would declare to everyone. Let me take a comparison: in the begining of the XXth century, it was not con
  8. I think that saying that acne is a turnoff on girls is a stereotype. Most men would say this because that's what they hear. Or they would date to say at most that "it is not necessarily bad". I think that in reality, acne can be cute on girls. Many men think this even if not everone will admit it. Acne on cheeks, or around the mouth can be hot, for instance, in particular when it underlines nice features. Acne on the chest too can be quite sexy. So, cheer up, ladies with acne: you are beautifu
  9. But that may be true, actually. I think acne can indeed look good. Sometimes it may even be charming! At least, it is my opinion (I know not everyone shares it, but still)
  10. I can see many people here that woudl prefer body acne. Most of them are boys. I'd like to know if girls think the same. In particular, whether they would prefer facial acne or chest acne. The problem is a bit different than for men, am I wrong?
  11. If the makeup makes you feel better then it cannot be vain. At the same time, you should not trap yourself into thinking that the makeup is necessary. You can certainly be good looking even without makeup. So consider the makeup rather as a safety net (safety nets are not vain) !
  12. You seem to be taking for granted that your friends do not want to take pictures of yourself because of your acne. You even say you know it is the case. But how can you? It could be for many other reasons, for instance, like you say yourself, you are a rather shy person. Maybe they think you do not want to be on these pictures. Do you wear makeup yourself to hide the acne? If you do, maybe your friends think that this means you are very ashamed of it, which could explain why they do not want to
  13. If you are being completely serious, then I am in love with you. I honestly don't care about acne scars on a guy. Heck, scars are manly! If you have acne scars on your cheeks, than I am in love with you too ;o) (and yes I was being completely serious) No, I dare to say most men doesn't like facial scars from acne on girls. OK, may be most men don't. But not all. And I think they do not like them just because they heard it is like that, just like for instance gentlemen f
  14. Well, you see, you are like the others. Why is it hard to believe? After all, moles, or freckles, are considered to be attractive, are they not? Why would acne scars be different?
  15. Reading this forum, it seems that it is conventional wisdom that acne scars are ugly for women (maybe less for men) I completely disagree on that. Why would they? I find that women with acne scars pn their cheeks are very sexy. And I think many (maybe even not most) men think like me. Only they would not dare to say it.