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  1. I got white vinegar today - its 'Distilled Malt Vinegar'. Its the same acidity - 5%. I thought that white vinegar was stronger?
  2. I'm delighted with this method (Malt). I've seen the most improvement on my lower jawline, which has probably the deepest pits - but didn't bother me as much as the scarring directlyon my face. My cheeks too are looking better (I could swear its working on my pits/craters), and my skin looks so much fresher and cleaner looking! MAJOR props to Maya and her college buddy (Any chance she could post here????)
  3. Yes, two sessions made a big difference to me. The only thing putting me off getting it done again is potential damage to the epidermis. I would definitley recommend it - but of course it all depends on skin type scars etc. Mine are pitted/craters - still there but not as deep, and much better to look at in a mirror (even better lately with the vinegar)
  4. CO2, I think - sorry that doesn't really help.
  5. How's "Me Julie"? I have to say I'm very happy so far with the vinegar treatment - I'm using Malt undiluted twice a day - straight after work, and last thing at night. I've been using it about a week now and my skin definetly looks smoother. I have craters/pits - not as deep as becfore coz of laser, but they're allover my cheeks, some on my temples and lower jawline - and now the skin just looks better to look at in the mirror, much more healthier looking - are the pits reduced? yeah, I'd say th
  6. I thought you had gone to a new derm and was getting a new program of treatment? Have you tried the vinegar/lemon method? I'm using it and it has definetly improved the condition of my skin - I'm afraid to think that its too good to be true, or a placebo effect, so I was reluctant to post - but after reading this I feel I gotta do something to at least offer you the slightest bit of hope. Hang in there friend.
  7. What about Malt vinegar? is that ok for your skin?
  8. I spent most of Reloaded studying Morpheus's scars and Neo's. Great effects, but the film dragged on - didn't like it. Another celebrity with acne scars is Bryan Adams - and his skin is VERY badly scarred - yet no-one ever mentions it!
  9. I'm using pure Malt vinegar straight out of the bottle undiluted, and I feel absolutely no stinging sensation - And my face isn't pink/red after it either! Is it the harsh Irish weather making my skin tough?
  10. My skin does look a lot smoother - anybody know if these results are permanent, or is this the routine for the rest of our lives? Not that I'm complaining - just curious.