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    i enjoy having fun and listening to music. basically enjoying life.
  1. smoke some weed or take some xanax bars. instant cure to anxiety...
  2. GrapeTea

    Maybe you dont care .

    i used to have bad acne on my back and chest at one point. it sucks to have it there.
  3. tool - prison sex this songs always cheers me up. for reals.
  4. GrapeTea

    Maybe you dont care .

    as i a guy i only had to take blood tests once a month while on accutane. girls have to go through more testing than guys from what i hear. like pregnancy tests and what not.
  5. GrapeTea

    What should i do?

    accutane works differently for everyone. all skin types are different. accutane will definitely get rid of your cysts fairly easily but there is no sure way of telling if it will improve or make your scars worse. i wouldnt think it would make your scars worse, it might make them stand out more when all your acne is gone. thats what happened to me.
  6. GrapeTea

    Maybe you dont care .

    yea, when i look at your gallery i really dont see acne. maybe accutane isnt the way for you. when i went into see my derm he was basically like yep im gonna put you on accutane. it was quick and easy. i dont know how bad yours is, but i dont think your gallery is showing what your talking about.
  7. GrapeTea

    Maybe you dont care .

    i recommend to see a Derm not a doctor. just be straight up with him, be like i want to be put on accutane, point blank. be like i cant handle this shit any longer and i need a change. try not to sound depressed though.
  8. GrapeTea

    Maybe you dont care .

    im sorry i dont know a site for you. i got my accutane for free through my mom. i dont think your emo, you seem pretty cool. i recommend just to ignore what people say and to realize that you are great. nobody knows where you come from or what your capable of. i hope accutane works out for you and im proud that you are going through so much to get ahold of it.
  9. actually if your depressed listen to some chevelle. send the pain below my niggas!
  10. yea, acne really ruined my self esteem. its just been starting to come back over the last year and im starting feel a little better about myself. acne has really been a burden in my life and has changed me in many ways i will never know. all you can do is take what you have now and work with it. life is amazing and im still trying to figure it out. shit will get better one day. one day.
  11. yes i will blame myself if my child gets acne. but since ive been through it, ill know what to do before it gets bad. like put them on accutane or whatever. if they have acne they wont have any problems with me around...because ive been there done that and know exactly what its like.
  12. listen to alice in chains - got me wrong (unplugged) its the shiznit.
  13. i actually used to wear makeup, well actually it was just a cover up. it was when my acne was pretty bad and i remember i was in florida. when i went to disney world i used it and stuff. i used it almost every day to school for awhile too. i guess i just stopped caring, im sure people could tell i had makeup on.