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  1. I don't know why you would say that. Like I said, I was angry and upset when clearasil discontinued this product in the UK and spent a year wasting money on their new range which did nothing for me whatsover, neither did any of the other products I tried. I can assure you I don't work for clearasil, I know how acne feels and now that I finally got a result with something I only want to share my experience in the hope that it might help others. Not everyone out there is an asshole you know.
  2. Hi I thought I'd post this here in case it's of use to anyone, I know how it feels to be plagued by spots and the relief of being free of it. I've suffered from acne for about 10 years, I am now 28. I realise I never had it as bad as some people but to me it was always awful and I hated how it made me look and how in turn that made me feel, not wanting to face people or go out or socialise. I've tried a LOT of products, BP did nothing for me at all other than dry my skin and make things worse