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  1. I would think that Retin-A would actually prep your skin for laser. I'm no expert though, so don't take my word for it. What kind of laser surgery are you going for?
  2. I started using MaMa lotion two days ago. It was successful in getting rid of the bigger blackheads on my nose. I think the small ones are too deep to purge, but nonetheless, I am happy. My nose is smooth and shiny, and it takes make-up better than it did before.
  3. Plastic surgeon! Duh, why didn't I think of that? I'm just worried about the cost though, since health insurance probably won't cover for scar revision... The scars are on my face and kind of grouped together in the same area. They were once a patch of eczema, not acne; after the eczema went away, the entire area was lumpy scar tissue.
  4. I have a million raised scars that are about a year old. I've been to two derms and both refuse to inject them, saying they are too old to be treated. One derm even recommended dermabrasion, but I declined, since there is a 100% chance that dermabrasion will make my Asian skin worse. I thought steroid injections could flatten any raised scar no matter how old it was. Are there any derms in San Jose that are a little more informed? I wish I had a syringe and kenalog so I could just inject the d
  5. Maybe you can try switching birth control pills? It's not uncommon to trial-and-error through several pills before finding the right one.
  6. Really? I've had the opposite effect with chlorine. When I go swimming, my acne clears up tremendously. Chlorine is used in swimming pools to control bacteria, so wouldn't it kill bacteria on our skin also? Or maybe it's the extended submersion of pores in water... I dunno, but it's an interesting subject.
  7. You're probably right about it being a bruise. Whenever I get one, it takes about a week for the pain to go away, and at least a month for the purple and hardness to go away.
  8. Naw, you don't want to irritate your acne. You can whiten the hyperpigmentation afterwards, but for now you should just wait for the acne to subside.
  9. Yeahhh. I'm just afraid that the older the scar gets, the less responsive it will be to treatment. Aaargh what to do...
  10. Okay so I have this two-month-old scar on my cheek that's part raised and part depressed. I want to try needling to even it out. It supposedly works for both hypertrophic and atrophic scars. Any advice? What should I put on the area afterward to help it heal correctly?
  11. Huh. I didn't know it had glycolic acid. Maybe that's why the toner stings so much?
  12. Is it possible to get a HYPERtrophic scar from a shot? You know like how when you get vaccination shots on your shoulder, a lumpy scar forms? I'm just wondering that if the derm goes too deep... could it possible be worse?
  13. Well, I've heard of a woman was put under hypnosis, so that everytime she'd begin to pick at her face, she'd say the word "scar" and stop. Sounded interesting, not sure if it's too practical.
  14. This is really intriguing. Do you think it would work on the subliminal level?
  15. Ehh great, I wish I had known that sooner. Thanks for all the info. Didn't know BP could be so damaging...