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  1. Hi!!! Treatment with Light Sheer to shave the back during Accutane treatment is only not recommended or is prohibited? Regards, Pablo
  2. I made the ipl before starting the second round with accutane. With one session of IPL may take 6-8 months?
  3. After the session with ipl my beard was with flaws, it happened to someone? How long does it take to return to normal? Regards, Pablo
  4. I'm on second course. (one week) The first course I got acne clear for 6 months.
  5. Hi The initial dose of Accutane must start 0.5mg/body weight? I'm starting on 60mg/day, represents 0,75mg/my body weight (80Kg), is a normal initial dosage? Regards, Pablo
  6. Hi stee, After 2nd round, your acne is improved? Regards, Pablo
  7. Hi Goodlookin You still use Retin A Micro?
  8. Hi gagan, After 2nd round your acne is improved? Regards, Pablo
  9. I had three sessions with Levulan, 2 weeks a part. - First with Red Light + Levulan; - Second and Third with Blue Light + Levulan. Treatment increased my oil and pimples after phase of the session, it is normal? How long wait for the results? Is already three weeks since the last session. Regards, Pablo
  10. Hi!!! Which is more effective? Low dose in a long-term or high dosage in a short term? Regards, Pablo
  11. Who succeeded definitive cure in the second round? I correctly in the first round, reaching 140mg/kilo, but again I get pimples, which will be in a second cycle get a definitive cure?
  12. HI I'm read on the Internet, that high dosages, for a low period of time, Have more chances of definitive cure, someone knows best about that? Example Weight 80kg 80mg/day for 4 months (is likely to definitive cure) 40mg/day for 8 months (has less chance of definitive cure) ??? Regards, Pablo