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  1. Hey I saw your Dermaroller web page, and saw those supplements you were taking.

    I was wondering if you've had thin scalp hair your whole life. It just seemed like some of the supps you're taking might be affecting it

  2. I had my 1st real breakout of acne in 2 years or so last week the 2nd day I was using the Terproline...I stopped using it for the weekend...breakout went away by Sunday...started using it again twice a day and I'm fine as of now...no further breakout....maybe your skin just has to get use to it...also watch out about mixing it with other topicals
  3. I dont think its microswelling in pics right before I rolled and the pics 2 weeks after I just rolled...but I am gonna take somemore pics Sunday I believe since that will make it 4 weeks since i have rolled and give me 1 week of using the Terproline and Yellow LEDs
  4. hmm..whoever that is...if she's lonely bc of her scars...I will gladly marry her and let her have my babies...unless her personality is just absolute bitch then we r good
  5. My scars look a lot worse to people that dont have scars as they do to people that do...people who dont have scars r disgusted by those who do and r ashamed to have people who do have scars around them bc of what others may say to them about why they r with someone that looks like that I ordered my Terpoline last Wednesday from the UK...and got it 2 days ago!!! I ordered my Yellow LEDs from LED man at the same time...and I am yet to receive them....hmmmmmmm
  6. I got mine at walgreens...I dont know if I said wal-mart before but I got mine at walgreens...they have a diabetic section
  7. I guess I would get the 5mm needle but dont get full penetration with it...you dont want over 3mm of penetration
  8. no u cannot inject anything with the ones I use...they r not hollow...they r solid lancets
  9. I use the 30 gauge diabetic lancets and needle every scar I can see...which is very hard bc I cant see my scars when I am really close to a mirror...then I directly follow that with using the dermaroller.....but I only do 1 side of my face per day.....so I do 1 side on lets say a sunday morning and then the other side monday morning
  10. I ordered the yellow LEDs and trepoline or whatever it is that your using last wednesday so it should b here this week I had planned on doing the side by side comparison in the future...I can go on and put a page together but I dont really expect to see a lot of difference in the 2 yet.
  11. No I cant grow facial hair except for on the underside of my chin, right under my lip and above it
  12. Seems like your derma rolling experience is going well for only a couple months?

  13. I've seen a big change in how healthy my skin looks and its softness since I started mega dosing on 900mg fish oil, MSM 1000mg and Vitamin C 500mg...and drinking water and 100% fruit juices I take 3 900mg fish oil a day spread at least 4-5 hours apart...3 MSM and at least 2 grams of Vitamin C
  14. pictures I just took today http://www.pcbuilder.biz/dermarollingphase2day2.html I dont expect to see noticeable results for 16 weeks or so...either way I am gonna do this for a year because it takes a long time for there to be results...so I dont let results motivate me right now to keep doing this...as long as rolling doesnt make my face drastically worse...as in it falls off...I'll keep doing this for at least a year...if there r real results by then then I will continue to roll