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  1. I am currently on 200 mg of Oxytetracyclin a day for mild acne. I require pepto Bismol to keep me from feeling nauseas in certain situations. I hear that they interact with each other, but can anyone tell me if this is just if taken within a certain time of each other, as I can make sure they are taken a fair time apart. Or whether you should not take it at all and why? Thanks -Rob
  2. Am I the only person who seems to have found some typeas of popping or picking useful? I am well aware that squeezing at a premature time causes a lot more harm than good and I suffer from extreme anger with myself if I squeeze a spot that is not ready to come out. But I, in a fairly unorganized method squeeze my spots that are close to or definatly ready to be popped. If the spot pops I have never ever experienced a negative ending to the pop, it almost always just goes red for a few hours
  3. I too was prescribed Minocycline. Although rather than moderate acne (I had mild) I had a sometimes skin coloured sometimes redl ump on my forehead that persisted, so I was given Mino for 2 weeks to take it down. after 2 weeks which is around now
  4. I too was prescribed Minocycline. Although rather than moderate acne (I had mild) I had a sometimes skin coloured sometimes redl ump on my forehead that persisted, so I was given Mino for 2 weeks to take it down. after 2 weeks which is around now
  5. I use quinoderm 10% never used anything but that. It can make me a lil flaky, but it works wonders usually, although now I only use it after popping a spot to take the redness down and dry it up. If you're new to it try the 5% first. If you were fine with the 5% and they gave you 10% then try that. -Rob
  6. tbh that thread didnt really fully answer. Am I right in thinking I shouldnt ingest Vitamin E? Only i've been having a fair bit of it lately in eating nuts. -Rob
  7. First off the idea that people in other parts of the world dont get acne is silly, they do, some just as bad as ours, the only difference in the amount of menalin in their skin can conceal it or be a cause that it is not always as severe, also the continuous exposure to strong sunlight does destroy acne. I personally have been on an acne diet for a few months which included tons of fruit and veg water zinc and meat, with little/no gluten milk or iodine. Then x-mas came rolling along, and the
  8. Well its that time of the year again. Whilst I have been keeping to a fairly skin healthy diet, of course now comes the time when that ends. over the next week I shall be eating countless mince pies, deserts, sweets, chocolate, nuts, and other fatty foods as we celebrate. In a sense Im using it as a benchmark to test whether I finally agree that acne and diet are related for me. Ive come up with mixed results so far so this will be the ultimate test. Who else on acne diets are about to let
  9. I'm not sure I agree, whilst adultds do get acne, its been pretty proven that the worst is between 14-21 with 12-14 and 21-24 being the trail in and trail off periods, AS A WHOLE. Due to the hormonal changes. Its not always like that, but the vast majority of people will find they clear up a lot as they get older. Im 21 and have noticed at times I have p[eriods of days maybe even up to a week without a single spot.But then Ill have breakouts now and then still. -Rob
  10. I take Citalopram, which I think is called Celexa in the U.S I personally havent noticed any increase in my Acne since, maybe if I had to choose one way or the other at times i'd say the reduced stress and anxiety has improved it. But it could all change. However so far its bene fine. -Rob
  11. Personally this topic makes me laugh, simply because what exactly are you supposed to eat? I eat fruit and veg to help stop my acne, and improve my skin, and it works most of the time. I eat 4-5 apples a day, plus many other fruits and veg, and it makes a positive difference most of the time. Whilst at first I was very keen to learn about acne and diet, I have since found that theres a fair bit of margin for error. during my time on my anti acne diet It was my birthday and I broke th diet,
  12. Its strange how peoples pimples differ from one another. I find popping one of the most important parts of sdestroying a pimple, but then I only scar slightly with big spots and its not really noticable. Once I pop, I smother the spot in Benzol peroxide cream or 'Quinoderm' as its known in the U.K and that dries it out and takes any inflammation away. Try a benzol peroxide cream. -Rob
  13. When I read about the nutration in yoghurts it was high in Iodine, is this the same for Probiotics? I dont wanna get more breakouts from that because of the milk and Iodine in them. Whats the deal with them? -Rob
  14. I was reccommended them because my anti acne diet consisted of so much fruit veg and nuts I was getting the runs. However how much milk do they contain, only that was one thing I thought may break me out. Everything seems to be contradicting each other atm and Im getting quite flustered. -Rob
  15. But I thought looks werent important :-s. There a whole load of contradicting going on withy these people bashing the guy.