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  1. http://www.solgar.co.uk/modules/shop/view....=E2172&qty=1557 Solgar as mentioned above, hell expensive but good in my experience. Comes in white capsules go down easy... don't taste too fruity so wouldn't chew on them or anything just whack 'em back - started on 5.5g's a day (10 cap's) now taking 3 a day to keep it "topped up" for me personally. Have tried GNC or something before, didn't like it one bit, saw not much difference and they came as powdery white tablets yeeeeeeeech, don't let
  2. The fact that it's bullshit and you want people to cough up cash for it, go "help" people who give a fuck (by that I mean dumb enough to fall for your shit) For the regs: I aint comming back, I just dispise this guy.
  3. Try your local chemist, they'll have the stuff you'll need, normally cheaper than super stores aswell
  4. It's a water based Gel yes, and the panoxyl acne gel is an alcohol based gel, tried both and stuck with the latter, easy to rub in/quick to absorb.
  5. Don't be fazed by other people experience, give it a shot, try Dan's regimen at the same time, so when you come off mino (hopeful mino and the reg will clear you up) then you'll be a great position to keep em' at bay by just using the regimen, it's what I did, not taken a mino capsule for a few weeks and my skin is consistantly clear due to using the regimen during and after the medication. Good luck! Remember, what works for one might not for another, I urge you to try it atleast - took abou
  6. There is floride in the water here (UK) :-k something to think about, the sink is a place where if not cleaned proply gets alot of shitty crap in it.
  7. :-k Personally I'd give it another week or so, see if it settles down some.
  8. Well, zinc has a RDA of 15mg, so taking 35mg more than reccomended might not be too good an idea, I would take any supplement with food (am meal would be best) so it gets absorbed with everything else. Try switching to a multivitamin/mineral, they should have 100% RDA of all the vits/minerals you need.
  9. Sounds like 1/3 finger is irritating you enough already I wouldn't ramp up yet, give it a week doing what your doing now and the redness/itching should subside, then you can go to 2/3 then full over the following week depending on how your skin is reacting I'd play it by ear. I had used BP before starting the regimen, so went straight on full finger, took about 10 days for it to feel comfortable (no redness, itching etc) Good luck!
  10. dermo or comedian did you go and see? I severly dout it, most people only on mino for a few years max anyhow cause it stops working.
  11. Yeah I think the whole "it comes back worse" is just from the shock of having clear(ish) skin, then reverting back to how it was before, I fail to see how something that kills acne can make it come back worse.
  12. Ehhhhh :-k I heard for the cure they want you to have the bp cold, but Dan's regimen takes a different approach, me personaly I keep it in the bathroom.