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  1. Hi all, I'm from Boon Lay!!! Anyone here use concealer? I'm looking for one rite now. Currently using Estee Lauder but all their tones dun match at all! Read tat Dermablend is quite good but sg like neber sell this brand lei... How ah.. I used the estee one not match then look like an idiot man but bo bian. By the way a short intro, I'm a guy, finish isotret about 2 months ago and is left with lotse red marks and pitted holes so die die also muz use concealer or i wun dare to go out.
  2. 56 capsules of 20mg at 100 bucks exactly under the brand Oratane.
  3. Hi everyone who is on or have been on accutane, I have a question, or rather a problem for u all. My breakouts from accutane is starting to subside but i have another worse problem at hand now. The scabs for my old pimples will not heal resulting in a lot of rough bumps on my cheeks. These scabs bleed easily especially when i sleep and i press my face against the pillows unknowingly. Hope u gus understand wat i mean. Therefore these scabs seems forever to heal. Is there any way to accelerate th
  4. Hey guys I'm starting my accutane today at 30mg/day. Wll keep u all updated on the results. Anyway piggy_balls, why haven u been updating ur website???
  5. YEAH MAN, apparently i impress the derm with my prior knowledge of accutane and convinced him to let me try. [-( The blood test is on 23rd?? Hey piggy is the blood test hard to pass??? And pimple guy the derm said that the red marks have to heal itself.
  6. Hey guys its my first ever derm appointment tomolo and pimple guy i wouldn't forget ur question.
  7. Hey tooty wats the number of the clinic??? U gimme add but neber gimme phone no. 3 more days to derm appt!!! My pimples have worsen alot during the past few days. Just wat I want before derm appt so i can persuade my derm to gimme acctane.
  8. Dun worry pimple guy i wun forget. Anyway good luck for ur tp. I just got my license a couple of months (car one) and i second time then pass. First time very stupid. On the circuit slope when i move off i go and put reverse gear. Car roll down then immediate failure. Too nervous liao. And tootboy, I would decide after my derm appt this fri whether to go bb clinic. Coz i wanna c wat the derm will say and whether will gimme accutane or not. And some more nsc accutane got subsidise and i think p
  9. Actually i have oredi done a lot of homework on accutane. I know abt all the side effects and all and read a lot of ppl's journal. Rather than suffer from a lifetime of depression from acne, i rather suffer from a while of depresion from tane. Anyway i read that depression in con sider a severe side effect and not many ppl will have tat. The common ones are dry eyes, lips and muscle ache. But the problem as I said is that i dun have a lot of cystic acne, so dun know will gimme accutane or not.
  10. ME!!! My derm appt is on 10 oct, which is this Fri. I WANNA GET ACCUTANE. Hey piggy is there any tactic to get accutane?? I have only try doxy and erythro, so i afraid the derm will gimme other useless antibiotics and dun wanna gimme accutane.
  11. Ya lor zenith I also 21 yo liao.. so old still grow acne. Eh singaporean u dare to go buy concealer meh, like very pai seh lei.....
  12. So can IPL clear existing acne as well or only red marks??? By the way how old are u zenith?? U cha bo rite??? And hate_acne, i think u should add one more line, "so wat, not happy izzit, go somewhere settle la"
  13. Ya lor so i always lower my head.. but like so low self-esteem like tat. Hey pimple maybe u can get an excuse from camo from a docter so u go army no need to put on camo.