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  1. im also interested in your new website.

  2. Whats you new website?

  3. sorry for the delay I had some minor things I had to take care of before I was able to get home today to send the link out. The links are being sent now to the site. I will no longer take questions on this thread anymore. I ask that you forward the questions over to the new site. If you have not received the link please pm me.
  4. Ok the site is done. I will send out the link via pm tomorrow. I'm to tired to be dealing with all that tonight and I need to be wide awake when releasing it.
  5. This is one fight I cannot defend on right now because I'm just way to busy trying to wrap up the final details before I release a major site. I ask some of you bfg reg faithfuls to do the defending.
  6. The website is around 96% done just to let you know.
  7. I'm now accepting testimonials. If you want to be in the testimonial section of the site. Please PM your testimonial to me.
  8. Thats sorta using the reg to spot treat. Your sorta prolonging the drawing period by focusing only on one area. I just want to inform everybody that I'm getting very close to finishing the site. I really want to make sure I get it right and dont release it to early.
  9. I find it a little funny how people will get to their 4th or 5th week and stop posting. I'm not saying everybody is like that.
  10. hang in their. The sites not ready yet. You can find the reg on page 1 on this thread.
  11. Wow so many people trying the reg out. With all these people trying it out I'm really trying hard to get the site out as quick as I can guys. So please bare with me a little. Its hard for me to balance questions and working on this site right now. I either focus to much on one and not enough on the other. I understand some people are still breaking out that have been 2 weeks on the reg. But thats still way to short. Everybody thats posted on this thread will be inform of the site. So no worry s
  12. I'm sorry guys I haven't been able to talk with you. But I have been very busy making a website that will support this reg allot better. It close to nearing completion it has some final touches I want to put on it. I will inform everybody on this thread what the link is. But I will not post the link on this board to stay in line with forum rules.
  13. John1234 I Sent you a pm a while back you did not answer it.
  14. Yes indeed it is. The raisins performed the same function as the fiber but the fiber is easier to take. I was on Dan Reg. But found later on it stop working and hence my acne came back. Blotcha reg worked but made my face so dry and raw it was crazy. Plus my face was looking really burnt. I was accepting that being clear meant having a burnt and dry face and wearing bp was the norm in life. While on the raisins my acne wasnt nearly as bad. I was happy at the time of this posting due to the fac
  15. Its perfectly safe. I have done this for years never had a problem. Just microwave the glass for like 5 min just use common sense. Its getting back to normal because you stop the drawing effect. After stoping the reg you will notice a clearing then your acne will return. Full Force. Duac Gel is not the way to go. My new site I think will better help everybody out. I'm not gonna be like Dan and say your doing the reg wrong. But I will write in better detail how the reg should be applied