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  1. i have long hair that ends at my eyebrows and i it seems my acne is bad on my forhead and abouve my eyeborws could it be cuz of my long hair cuz im on accutane and my everything elese is doing great but my forhead im 2 months in and the initial is ovber so i dunno could someone help me iout?
  2. what gives him the right to say it is that u ppl read this shit abouti accutane and believe it imgoing on 2 months now yeah i scar from previous break outsd yeah i get chapped lips yeha i getr dry /flaky hair its a matter of how much u really want to get rid of ur acne ppl say ill do nething to get rid of this but will you? will u go couple months of always carrying chap stick or whatever u need for another side effect i think ur saying ull do nething then do it prove urself u can dont be gay a
  3. yeah i got a big spot under my eye but the rest is decnet i use cetaphil mouist and i thought using bp on accutane was bad if not should i put on bp wait like 15 min then put on moist thnx for the replies
  4. im going on 2 months of accutaneand why must i still have little breakouts like around my eyes on top of my eye and does nebody get flaky hair? i think im noticing sum more now
  5. im on 40 mg twice a day i got mild dry skin chapped lips and INCREASE OF appitite / lol yea in the beg i couldnt eat but all of a sudden i was chomping away on everything im one of the lucky ones and ive been on it for like amonth and only have like 4 flare ups and the rest is just healing
  6. i plan to smoke a blunt and still drink i just didnt want him to see sumtin like that in my tests then tell my mom on the side u know??
  7. lol sorry i have troulbe typing hate computers! and to mention my skin is looking great i love accutane soo much i dont even breka out as much maybe 2 or 3 acne for me is heading in the past byee byeee stupid shit!!!!!!
  8. i was justa starting accutane while i was at the shore for the summer and of course i didnt stay out of the sun but i didnt notice my face would dry up more after the swim in the ocean but i used alot of cetaphil spf 15 moustiurer so yeah
  9. yeah my mom does come with me when i get my blood tsken out of me but im still going to drin kdont care lol
  10. my face looked better when i was at the shore swimming in the ocean when i got it looked smoother but i also was starting accutane so maybee
  11. thnx b/c i dont want my mom finding out and i def ened to drink then. i just dont want nething like alchohol shwoing up on my tests
  12. hey my homecoming is in like a month and were supposed to egt smashed after and im only 17 is it alright to drink one night on accutane and will it show up in my blood tests that i drank cuz of course i dont wanna tell my mom lol plzzzzzz repsond to me :-k
  13. yeha i just wanna know why no one responds to my questions