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  1. Hey WingedSerpent, It may be worth your while reading this article about the over-simplified associations about Carnitine being related to heart disease: http://chriskresser.com/red-meat-and-tmao-its-the-gut-not-the-meat?inf_contact_key=7290eb7ccda7575eb2d6d4cfac7adfe77c781249bd4cc07c6922c41b39018c99 This guy is great. A paleo-oriented MD who does his research. That flurry of news regarding meat and heart disease a month or so ago seems like another hyped up media translation of scientif
  2. Hi again Thomas, The best way to test it would be to try going off the regime for a month and see what happens with your hair loss. If you're still losing hair after the first month while on a nourishing diet, you could try adding a decent multivit for the second month and see if anything happens. And then I guess you'd have to weigh up how your skin responds versus how your hair responds and make a choice. I'm not sure if L-carnitine/NAC 'enhance' the effect of 500mg of B5 to be equal t
  3. Thomas, I doubt those amounts of B5 would cause hair loss but as a 28yo male you may have just hit that age where you were destined to start experiencing hair loss anyway. As this regime dries out the skin, it will undoubtedly have the same effect on the hair shaft and so it might move the hair loss date forward a little but I don't think it's something that can stopped indefinitely. 1 in 4 men experience hair loss by 30yo. That's a fairly significant percentage. Just my 2 cents....
  4. Just checking in. Sometimes I wonder if this regime is better suited to older people? I'm 38yo and it's working very well for me. I've fiddled around with it a bit in that, I don't juice because it's too much hassle for me at present (Mum of two young kids) and I still occasionally consume refined sugar products (albeit infrequently compared to my past habits). I tried adding Zinc for a bit, but noticed my mood fell. I tried adding Magnesium and Coenzyme Q10 but noted some breakouts rea
  5. Hi Ruibinbai, When you say, to the letter, do you mean that you were taking time-released B5 and the L-Carnitine together after eating? As well as the daily juicing (with an emphasis on Vit A-rich sweet potatoes)? Are you taking any other multi-vitamin or other hits/supps which could be negating the effect of the B5/L-Carnitine? I found multi-vits, additional zinc & additional magnesium not a good combo with this regime for me. I had good initial results taking 1000mg time-released B
  6. Hi Liz, How much B5 was your daughter taking? Ta, Katy
  7. You could try increasing the B5 to 100mg AND make sure it is the time-released variety. Also, I think the vitamin A in the sweet potatoes the OP puts in his fresh vege juices is helping reduce the oil production as well. I always take my B5 and l-Carnetine at the start of the day straight after breakfast. Good luck! Alcohol has sugar-content, too, just so you know.... Makes me break out, for sure....
  8. I think actual fruit pieces in moderation is fine because it is absorbed with the fibre, but too much fruit juice is not so good. That's why this method utilises vegetable juice, and not so much fruit juice, per se.
  9. I totally agree that the following combination is a winner: B5 (time-released) L-Carnetine No Sugar Increased vitamins (especially Vitamin A in sweet potato). I know when I've eaten too much refined sugar, I get some spots. Alcohol included. But this regime has been a godsend for me. Wish I'd known about it twenty years ago! Fortunately, I'm not a big drinker at all and I'm learning to cut back on refined sugars. I've also started taking Vitamin A, D, C, Zinc and Magnesium because I don't
  10. Well, I'm back to report on how things are going for me after one month of trialling elements of this regime... Definite noticeable improvement! Yay for me! I have not been juicing but I have a fairly nutrient rich diet anyway. I started off by taking 500mg of slow-release Pantothenic Acid tablets along with 500mg L-Carnetine tablets (both Holland &Barrett brand) twice a day, after breakfast and dinner. I noticed reduction in inflamed spots within 3 days and also cessation of devel
  11. Emily, how much Pantothenic acid are you getting? Is it just what's in the B Complex you're taking? I would be aiming for around 500-1000mg per day along with the l-carnetine to give it a proper go. I've been avoiding taking a B-Complex along with it because some of the B vitamins can flare acne (supposedly) and I have a pretty good diet anyway. That is a real bugger re: the effect of contraceptives on your body.... bummer. Good luck!
  12. I'm pretty sure winged serpent said he doesn't juice the celery leaves, just the stalks )
  13. Hi Emily, I really feel for you, love. I'm 38 and have acne issues since I was 14yo. On and off. Just wrote a big description of my scenario in another thread here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/288705-how-i-cleared-my-acne-after-26-years-try-it/page__pid__3256311__st__240#entry3256311 (a recent comment near the bottom of the page). A combination of Pantothenic Acid and L-Carnetine (both in reasonable amount dosage and not mega-dosing at all) seems to working quite well
  14. Hi there, I'm a 38yo female. I've had on/off moderate acne/chest/bacne issues since I was about 14yo. Diane/Dianette contraceptive pill worked mostly well for me in my early twenties thankfully, but started to lose some efficacy in my late twenties. I went on a course of roaccutane when I was 28yo which was superb but the acne came back after a few months, although not quite so bad. Annoying but not catastrophic. I came off Diane to have children in my early 30's. I did have a return of acn
  15. Hi Junkyard, Just wondering how you've been going with the B5 and cysteine combo? I've recently started taking slow release B5, l-carnetine and reducing refined sugar to almost nil, so I'm really curious how this is going for you.... Please update!
  16. Hi Kailaruth, Have just been reading this thread and wondered how it is all going for you? Continued improvements? Cheers, Katy.
  17. I just wanted to add that I am only taking 3g of B5 a day because I'm approaching my mild comedonal acne via diet, herbs and topicals, and one thing I have noticed since starting B5 is how much more physical energy I often have... It's great! Of course, it could be just a bit of a combination effect of an improved diet, all the herbs, vitamins and minerals I'm also taking... The added energy is a huge bonus! Pinky
  18. I've noticed that I have heaps more energy since I strarted taking B5. I've been bouncing around doing heaps of things since I started taking it. I'm only on 3g a day though because my acne is mostly (constant but very annoying) microcomedones. Playground_Love, you've given me hope that I will eventually see lasting results. I'm only about to finish 3wks, so hopefully I too will see great results around the 6th week, or maybe longer since I'm on the lower dose. Fingers crossed! Pinky
  19. MrRandom, Just wondering how much B5 are you taking per day? I've been on 3g/daily B5 for just under 3wks and am seeing a little inconsistent improvement, although I know it's early days yet. My main concern is body acne, too, my face is mostly clear (except for a 1/2 small cysts around my hairline). 90% of the body acne I have is microcomedones with about 4/5 small inflammations which although frustrating and constant is relatively minor compared to others, which is why I'm taking a smaller
  20. I think this is an interesting article and relevant to this preceding argument about megadosing and generally accepted RDI's (pertanent to those searching this site for B5 threads).... http://www.holistichealthtopics.com/HMG/Bvitamin.html
  21. I wonder if there's a way to find a balance so that you can remain clear but still get some Biotin into your system to keep things working somewhat. For instance, once you get clear with B5, perhaps taking a B-Complex once per week could help? I might try this once I get clear (fingers crossed). Pinky
  22. The naturopath is using a blend of licorice, paeonia, withania and calendula, I think, all in liquid herbs form taken twice a day, morning and night. But like Diane, it takes a few months to really see results. I just have to be patient with all these things I think. I hope it all work out ok, because I'm getting married next May and I want to feel comfortable wearing the dress of my choice, as opposed to feeling like I want to cover up my chest & bacne... fingers crossed. I'm going to s
  23. Yes Diane has been a bit of a libido-dampener, but then I've pretty much been on it since I was 19yo and so I don't really know what kind of libido I have naturally. I have noticed a trend towards a better one since I came off it... I'd be thrilled if B5 kept me as clear as the Diane. That would be enough for me. Pinky
  24. I came upon this intriguing article while doing some online research on this whole concept of B5 supplementation... I thought I'd share it with those interested... http://www.holistichealthtopics.com/HMG/Bvitamin.html It's not written by a health expert but he's an interested party and seems to have done quite a bit of research. And here's another one for a brief description on the concept... http://www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual/sec...chapter3/3a.jsp My own personal situation follows (