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  1. Popping usually gives me redmarks so I completely avoid doing it. I had to use a few TCA peels just to get rid of the bastards.
  2. Eek! Well good luck and I suggest going to a free clinic also.
  3. Yulia


    It's true, lots of men wear makeup. Just make sure it's not noticeable and you'll be fine.
  4. Chanel Extrême Cils Waterproof
  5. Ya that really sucks! I don't dare touch my face unless my hands are clean.
  6. Could you take pics of the front and back? I might figure it out then.
  7. I'm searching through google for "jelly bracelet knot". I must uncover this secret!
  8. I don't know anyone who can do it but it looks cool.
  9. Don't know where to put this so anyway. I have some jelly bracelets but how do I get them twisted like in this pic? I tried to do it but it came out wrong. Any advice?