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  1. There's no need to change anything. I hear people saying you should pat dry your face if it's sweating, but I don't do that while working out, and it doesn't aggravate my acne any.
  2. Yeah, but you never had the swelling until you took up the BP after a few weeks off the regimen? That's odd. If you were allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, you should have been getting the redness and swelling the first time! I guess it's *possible* to develop an allergy after the fact, but... Dan is right, though. If it keeps up, see a doc for sure to rule out allergy. Good luck!
  3. I agree. Benzoyl Peroxide helps prevent future outbreaks, but does very little to hear the scars of previous outbreaks. I've tried the lemon-water "treatment:" drink many (I try for eight) tall glasses of water with two tea spoons of lemon in each glass per day. This is supposed to help illiminate the scars.
  4. After the first day on the regimen, my skin looked worse. I thought I was doomed! By the end of the second day, though, I couldn't believe the difference! Since then, it's been getting better and better. Most people (including myself) get a large breakout at about week four, and that's normal, and hey, you may get lucky. I'm not the most patient person either, but I knew I wanted to give this my best, so I followed the directions and I'm glad that I did. Just hang in there. It gets better
  5. Morning: 1) Shave with Neutrogena Skin Clearing shave cream 2) Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (liquid) 3) wait 15 minutes 4) Neutrogena Clear Pore On-the-spot acne treatment 5) wait 15 minutes 6) Neutrogena Moisture (spf 15) Evening: 1) Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (liquid) 2) wait 15 minutes 3) Neutrogena Clear Pore On-the-spot acne treatment I drink at least 5 tall glasses of water per day, and I'm going to start adding two tsps of fresh-squeezed lemon with each glass from now
  6. When your face is used to the Benzoyl Peroxide, that's when it'd be good to use the Alpha Hydroxy moisurizer. If your face is not red any more (and less dry/flaky), then I say it's time to move up! It takes about two to three weeks for most people. For me, the redness from the BP just went away after almost two months, but I made the mistake of buying another Neutrogena Moisture two weeks ago, and I still haven't finished the first one! Where's that receipt...
  7. I had dryness after the first few weeks, and lots of red. Now both are pretty much gone (took almost two months!) I've used only the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, the on-the-spot acne medication from Neutrogena and the Neurogena moisturizer (oil free, spf 15). You can stay with what you've got to see if the dryness/flakiness subsides, but if it gets real bad, you may want to change the cleanser at least to see if that does anything. Good luck.
  8. I found that I started getting pimples/small breakouts on parts of my face that I never had before after starting the regimen. Just keep up the regimen and they should go away.
  9. You could start playing sports again to see if it helps. Exercise is something that should be kept up anyway, especially at your age. It's worth a try. I go to the gym every day, and before I started the regimen, the sweat didn't do much for my acne. It was the same whether I worked out or not. But everyone's different.
  10. I think it'd be a good idea to get into the habit of buying one's own medication. Getting someone else to buy it is an easy way out, and it's just going to make it harder when he/she has to get it on his/her own the next time. Start early, and it'll get easier.
  11. First of all, you're picking way too much, pal. Picking all day long is going to ruin your face (speaking from experience). Get on the regimen, and you'll see improvements. Second of all, there should be no warnings about drinking and acne medication for the over-the-counter Benzoyl Perixide creams, at least not for the ones I've used. Get on Dan's regimen, and you'll see an improvement. Good luck!
  12. What's your Benzoyl Peroxide percentage, ckgreed? And are you just starting the regimen? If you put on too much BP right off the bat, your face will get very red and dry.
  13. Finally, someone who uses the same shave cream as I do! Bosephus, there could be a few things affecting your regimen. If you look at the back of the shave cream container, it says to not use it if you're already using an acne medication. This *could* be the problem. I have found no problems with my skin, though, so I've kept using it along with the neutro on-the-spot BP. You may want to look into that though, with your skin (mine's very sensitive too, BTW). I would also suggest changing
  14. Try this link for the "Lemon juice wash": http://www.cure-guide.com/Articles_on_Natu.../Acne/acne.html scroll down until you see Lemon juice wash