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  1. cat_power

    Make my day

    you are so stunning prettiest skin too
  2. cat_power

    I love my big bro :(

    Aw sweetie sorry to hear of your loss. Definately a wake up call for me to be grateful all the time.
  3. cat_power

    I love my big bro :(

    Aw sweetie sorry to hear of your loss. Definately a wake up call for me to be grateful all the time.
  4. Aww so pretty good luck with the CSR, i think your skin looks wonderful as is.
  5. very pretty here and your skin looks perfect and yeah it's natural to have lines under your eyes so don't worry at all.
  6. fantastic improvement girl glad your tane journey has progressed well and i'll pray that you stay clear forever because you deserve that
  7. your skin looks fucking great here! not to mention how gorgeous you are too
  8. cat_power

    Necromancer 2

    skin looks awesome man.
  9. cat_power


    that improvement is amazing congrats
  10. cat_power

    Sorte and me

    aw i lurve horses
  11. cat_power

    all clear now

    so pretty and congrats on clear skin hehe
  12. cat_power

    Day 7

    nice improvement in a week hun
  13. i'm a chick and i've been on it for 9 months now...worked pretty well for me
  14. yeah i do agree it's different for everyone in terms of how your body responds to coming off doxy my doc told me that she wants to soon lower my dosage from 100mg/day to 50mg/day and i said not fucking likely love as i'm too scared to breakout she mentioned something about taking 100mg/day one day then 50mg the next (alternating like this from day to day for a month) or something like that till i'm down to 50mg/day then off it completely. needless to say i said NO.
  15. i've used doxy 100mg/day for wow nigh on 9 months now (OMG how time flies ahey chickens) and it is wondeful i've never experienced any side-effects at all and it keeps me pretty close to clear with the exception of a zit here and there does take 2-3 months to fully kick in but
  16. cat_power


    i really admire your optimism katie and i think your skin looks fine hun keep up your reg because it's working
  17. cat_power

    July 23, 2006 - Left

    stick with the CSR...it'll clear you up soon *hugs*
  18. cat_power

    Day 6

    you are such a natural beauty and i think your very mild acne has definately improved *hugs*
  19. Maybelline XXL mascara in very black is the best mascara i've ever used in my life.
  20. Dior makes an awesome concealer which i absolutely love...makes you face radiant and can be used on blemishes as well as under eye circles. It's called Dior Skinflash awesome stuff!
  21. aw wondeful improvement hun best thing is it's going to get loads better still so happy for ya
  22. Most days i wear: -Chanel Double Perfection Fluid makeup w/ SPF 15 -Dior Skinflash concealer under eyes and to cover imperfections -Sportsgirl light blush -Maybelline XXL mascara - most awesome mascara ever! -Strawberry chapstick on the smackers i never wear eyeshadow or eyeliner...i despise them both.