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  1. Physically: i like my eyes, small body and toned stomach (although i work for the stomach part) Mentally: i am caring, always give my best and would help anyone.
  2. just took that then and this one is from a couple of months back... sorry for the big pics im new to this image posting thing
  3. cat_power

    new haircut

    fringe looks gorgeous claud bravo girl
  4. I have really blue eyes so i get compliments on them all the time, also my quirky fashion sense and my tatts as well. I'm skinny too, so people hate that i can eat what i want and remain a rake hehe
  5. I totally know how you guys feel, i thought i was the only one who dreamt of bad acne! I'm super paranoid lately of my acne coming back full-force even though it's way under control from 10+ months of antibiotic use and i dream that each day i have more and more cysts across my face and that its just getting worse. Then i wake up and i always think its true and i swear im about to cry Then i look in the mirror and scrutinise my face
  6. body without a doubt! your face sees the world but you choose whether your body does.
  7. hun you will get through this...your skin is going to be so radiant at the end of your course and you're way pretty regardless so stay positive ok. and im def sure your husband thinks you're beautiful too.
  8. I was quite petrified of the same issues you're worried about when i started university last year and lived in on-campus dorms with like 250 other people. I was always self-conscious of my skin last year because out of all those people on-campus, i was one of few who had shit skin and i didn't consider it that bad at the time. But as time moved towards october last year and exams neared, my skin went MENTAL/INSANE. I seriously don't know how i survived such a difficult time in my life. I regular
  9. love without sex would be my choice for sure i mean what's life without love? and how meaningless of an existence would it be to not feel love and not have your loved ones around you?
  10. I like the person i am on the inside, i mean, i think i really see the best in people and don't take them for granted. I'm also not a superficial people and i like putting my all into uni so i like that about myself. But no, deep down i don't like myself because i don't like my physical appearance one bit...i mean, you can't like yourself if you feel so self-loathing about you appearance like i do.
  11. cat_power

    July 06

    you look really stunning without makeup
  12. cat_power


    Katie you look really stunning in the bottom pic skin is coming along really nicely too
  13. way pretty amber! skin looks wonderful
  14. 1. I want to graduate from university at the end of 2008 with a degree in nutrition & dietetics (and with my sanity still intact). 2. I want to do my masters in paediatric dietetics or eating disorders - i'd love to do this in the UK somewhere like cambridge or oxford 3. I want to marry a lovely boy who is all that and more to me - like someone said in a previous post, someone who is my best friend and who truly loves me for me 4. I want to be comfortable in my own skin 5. I want to lose
  15. pyramid song - radiohead AND two more years - bloc party
  16. skin looks awesome man...lucky u got tane in the 1st place but now go enjoy your lovely skin!
  17. cat_power

    hee hee look at me

    aw katie you look really pretty here even tho u got the silly face thing going on heh i think your skin looks really wonderful...its way less red/inflamed and SO much clearer
  18. Do you have a really big appetite? Yes! I have a huge appetite but my diet is mainly wholegrain cereal, fruit & veg based (i've been same weight for about 5 years) Are you skinny-lean? Skinny yea Do you play sports a lot? Nah not anymore, used to in school but...now i just walk everywhere Are you in your teenage years? Yeah, i'm 19 Do you eat out a lot? Not at all no, when i do i usually have sushi.
  19. aww SO SO HOT! dude your skin looks incredible
  20. I feel exactly the same...i fear breakouts in every situation of my life and it's fucked up. I think i'll always carry this emotional baggage... But i'm trying to live and be happy for the moment while i've got this clear skin.
  21. i started on doxycycline nine months ago when i had moderate-severe acne on my face...it has cleared that up amazingly and i had never had any body acne up until my facial skin started to become very clear (weird huh?) and then suddenly my chest and back began breaking out and it was awful to deal with...although i do feel blessed that it is winter now and my back is never exposed *phew* so in short, doxycycline has done absolutely nothing for my body acne but has been really wonderful in clea
  22. i'm currently using an organic plain bar soap with tea tree oil works much better than any body wash made specifically for acne soothing to the skin too
  23. omg i absolutely LOVE cheese...possibly my favourite food in the world mmm vintage it doesn't have any impact on my acne whatsoever *phew* not like i'd be giving up my beloved blessed delicious cheese anyway
  24. I have definately noticed lately that me following a pretty healthy diet has improved the appearance of my skin significantly. I've been including lots of the following each day: -rye digestive bread -broccoli -carrots -strawberries -oranges -tuna in olive oil -soy & linseed high fibre bran -fat free soy milk I always ate these in the past but making them greater consitutents of my diet plus drinking alot more water and limiting junk food intake significantly has made the world of differen