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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from! I've been on doxycycline 100mg/day 11 months and it has cleared me up heaps but not to my standards of being completely clear I just wish i started on tane from the beginning as all this acne shit would be out of my life and i'd be living a happy existence like i wish i could. I still hold out hopes for starting tane someday but
  2. Both my brother and sister were on accutane...my sister was 20 when she was on tane and my brother was about 16 i think. They had amazing results from it and now i envy their skin. My brother in particular had severe acne and now he is 28 and has the most amazing skin tone and texture. Although i haven't been on tane as yet, i hope to start it soon for my back acne problems and i really hope i get similar results to them
  3. I've used this in the past and found isotrex to be nothing but absolute SHIT. It made my mild acne turn cystic and it's the worst product ever. It's extremely harsh and burnt my skin severely (and my skin isn't sensitive at all)...also the high alcohol content of it made my eyes sting too
  4. Aw ernie i completely understand what you are going through and my biggest word of wisdom to you would be that moving away to attend uni has to feel like 100% a decision you know you want to make and that the change resulting from it will be something you know you can cope with. I was just a young pup of 17 when i moved away and i was completely ready and now i'm 19 and uni is the best thing ever. The independence, being around your friends in an a relaxed environment, it really is what life is
  5. I'm always having those 'aww' moments in my mind where i'm super thankful for everything i have, the main things being: *family - my parents, nanna and sister in particular keep me grounded when shit is hitting the fan in my life *friends - although i live far away from alot of them due to uni, we stil keep in pretty close contact and they manage to make me laugh ever though there is many miles between us, in particular one mate who i go to uni with means the absolute world to me and i would be
  6. I totally feel you on the mirror thing...i hate looking in the mirror without it as i feel like crap and don't want to face anyone, hence i'm a slave to makeup Feeling this crap is not fair.
  7. goo goo dolls - iris dashboard confessional - remember to breathe
  8. i am a lip gloss addict, so my faves would be: *dior backstage makeup gloss show in charlotte moka *chapstick strawberry lip balm (good to put on under lip stick) *lancome juicy tubes
  9. aw i hope you're ok mandy as you're so beautiful on the inside and out
  10. wow your skin looks good...nice improvement you're cute
  11. yeah i still do it all the time as well the theory behind it being a bad thing is because it's believed it can transfer bacteria from the hands to the face and trigger breakouts
  12. all the time! i see them rubbing their eyes and leaning their entire hand on the side of their face and i cringe alot
  13. lately i've been having a no-fuss natural approach to my mild back acne and it is SO much better than the isotretinoin gel i was using for it because that stung my sensitive skin horrible and did nothing but irritate it i just wash with a tea tree oil soap and apply 100% natural aloe vera gel morning and night but sometimes i skip it and notice my skin seems better
  14. i started 1st year of uni last year and i broke out very badly towards the end of it in october last yr...i attribute it to exam stress, worrying and wearing my body out. at the time i was drinking a bit but still going to the gym and eating quite healthy so i can't specifically pinpoint a cause as everyone has different triggers. it's quite plausible that your breakout might be due to a range of factors, and water could be one of them yea.
  15. i'll probably get flamed for this lol, but proactiv cleanser has worked wonderfully for me.
  16. i've used the lavender multi-purpose oils in a bottle and they are really nice...only used them on my body though, never on my face. very moisturising and make the skin feel silky on your body
  17. my friend uses them and she had mild acne last year and they have made her skin wonderful and healthy-looking...they have alot of natural ingredients and smell great too they are very pricey but in the long run they are very cost-effective because you only use marginal amounts
  18. given how much my skin affects me, i feel like i would want to be with someone who has acne/has had it, because i feel we could relate on a deeper level and they would understand what i've gone thru i feel i really need that to connect, as weird as it sounds
  19. dior make awesome lip palettes check them out
  20. i find if i go to bed without applying lip balm i wake up with the dryest sorest lips lol...i think from using it so much your lips get used to it and really need it. my personal fave lip balms are: *chapstick strawberry *blistex intense lip conditioner *lucas paw paw ointment
  21. wow you look so stunning your eyes are beautiful and your skin isn't bad at all...
  22. i hate the hairdressers loads too, mainly because they're spraying all manner of shitty, chemical-filled oily products onto your hair which makes me super paranoid it's getting all over my face and will cause breakouts. hence i aint had a haircut in a long while, really need a trim but
  23. tdot, i'm saying this from deep inside that this is something you must do to be true to yourself ok...he obviously loves you for who you are and you sound like a sweet and caring person. As others have said, you may not get the chance to do this again in your life so please have faith in yourself and go for it. Just be honest with your feelings to him and he will understand. If i was in your situation, i would definately take the plane ride, although my trip would be like double that (24hrs) b
  24. oh man i know how you feel...although my skin has cleared up tonnes, every girl in my degree at uni has perfect skin and its so hard to be around them all the time when they're so gorgeous. and it seems like everyone at uni is so beautiful as well. oh well, we're there to get an education i guess, not trying to win a beauty contest.
  25. awww hope all goes fine for you Mandy, i bet you look just wonderful i'm at my older brother's wedding a month from now and im scared my face is going to breakout in that time...also picked out my dress yesterday and its beautiful and i wouldnt want it ruined if my back goes psycho and breaks out too.