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  1. cat_power

    DAY 28

    wow you're so incredibly beautiful! your skin is clearing up and everything will be wonderful very soon congrats
  2. cat_power


    Yeah i reckon an oral antibiotic might be the go for you mate...give doxy a go and give BP a try if you haven't already...
  3. cat_power

    Zit face

    hun your skin doesn't look bad at all... best of luck with the CSR it will do wonders for you nice eyes BTW
  4. diorshow skinflash concealer is where it's at concealer-wise
  5. put on the lip balm then dot the lipstick lightly over your lips to give a nice subtle tinted colour...
  6. takes me about 15-20mins to do foundation, concealer, mascara and lip balm 15 on a good day, 20 on a bad day
  7. cat_power

    me again..

    hair looks awesome man and your skin looks great too
  8. cat_power

    Neck right

    awesome improvement adam
  9. cat_power


    your skin has really improved hun and you are indeed heaps pretty
  10. I don't think i experienced an IB when i started doxy because my skin was pretty bad so i dare say i wouldn't have noticed a few extra pimples and cysts...
  11. I was warned by my doc about the photosensitivity side effects of doxy but i've never experienced them even though i'm v. fair skinned and susceptible to sunburn. I wear foundation with SPF everyday so maybe that's why i haven't burnt yet
  12. i use doxycycline and have for 11 months and love what it's done for me...but that said, i've never used any other type of antibiotics so i don't know whether they would have improved or worsened my acne
  13. Aww my fellow australians...i'm in Newcastle And yeah, Tassie is just beautiful, i did a huge trip down there over summer and it was amazing
  14. From the album: The new CLEAR me!

    i haven't posted a pic-aroo in a long while because my skin has been generally quite good to me, always has its ups and downs though i've been on doxy 100mg/day for a bit over 11 months...kinda scared of how to come off the antibiotics sometime soon without a full blown breakout. im going to stick with them for a while yet... my neck is also super dry/irritated/flaky and i've never applied BP there...
  15. yeah doxy is amazing congrats it worked so quickly for you as it usually takes a few months to kick in with good effects
  16. wow star your face does look awesome and your back looks so smooth too... congrats
  17. cat_power


    the improvement in your skin is wonderful the end is in sight and your skin is going to be even more amazing
  18. best of luck on your tane course hun you'll be as clear as day really soon, never lose sight of that as you will soon experience it.
  19. aw your putty tat is just perfect
  20. good post man really sums all the billion and one things we acne sufferers are faced with everyday
  21. i think boys look perfect when they are quite lean with slightly toned arms, stomach, etc. and broad shoulders just like a certain boy i know
  22. wow this thread just made me realise i literally haven't had a sip of coke/any soft drink in months...i just hate the stuff, as well as being scared of the havoc it might cause for my skin, insides, etc.
  23. I use Proactiv Renewing Cleanser and it's pretty harsh...i actually wonder what my skin would be like if i used a gentler cleanser like the CSR one but i'm way too scared to because i wonder if i'll breakout.
  24. For 11 months (100mg/day) i've been taking my doxy at around 7am every morning after breakfast and then at 9pm every night after dinner and it has been successful taking it at these times. Just mainly around breakfast then dinner is the go i think. I hope you have success with doxy hun