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  1. merry xmas =]

    hope everything is ok in your world hun :D

    1. hehe i've been good thanks...i'm on uni hols at the moment and have been wasting away lots of time lol

      hope you have a wonderful xmas girl and live it up mwa

      1. hello erin :D

        just wanted to pop by and say hello and hope everything is going swell for you my dear

        you always were an .org fave of my although i haven't been on here in the longest of times hehe

        much love & peace

        1. much love to you mandy :D

          hope the countdown to the blessed 18th is going sweet as candy

          live it up girl!

          1. hello girl! thanks for your comment on my profile, brightened my day...hope you're ok too mwa xx

            1. cat_power

              New hair!

              you look breathtakingly beautiful liv skin and hair are looking amazing congrats girl
            2. 1. Apply Chanel Double Perfection Fluid Makeup sparsely to face but never to forehead (as it's always clear) 2. Apply Covergirl Everfresh concealer to blemishes 3. Apply Sportsgirl blushing balls to apples of cheeks 4. Apply Maybelline XXL mascara in very black 5. Apply Dior Skinflash concealer to under eyes 6. Brush eyebrows 7. Apply chapstick or some tinted gloss if im feeling slightly ambitious
            3. *Play Crack The Sky - Brand New *Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice *All Apologies - Nirvana *Special Needs - Placebo *I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie *November Rain - Guns n Roses *This Modern Love - Bloc Party *Blue Light - Bloc Party *Asleep - The Smiths *Miss You Love - Silverchair *Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional *Remember To Breathe (must be the LIVE version) - Dashboard Confessional *This Is For Keeps - Spill Canvas *Silent All These Years - Tori Amos *
            4. A fucking lot of $$ i know that for sure At the moment: - $12/tube of Benzac AC BP (lasts about 3 wks/a month) - $5/every half month for Doxycycline prescription - $69.95/2 months supply Proactiv - $70 for Chanel foundation (lasts a few months) - $65 for Dior concealer (lasts a month or two) very pricey, i hate acne..
            5. cat_power

              Day 34

              awesome improvement in such a small amount of time you look great
            6. Oh my Laura i thought i was the only one having crazy acne dreams Lately i've been having them much more frequently which scares me alot...i dream that i have cystic acne and it scares the shit out of me as i used to have it but have been on meds for the past year to control it but so much shit has gone down in my life of late i remember in my dream that i actually accepted that i had acne bad again and thought fuck this i'm going to have to just deal just want you to know you're defo not al
            7. Absolut Raspberry vodka Jagermeister Vodka, lime & soda White wine Gin & Tonic Champagne Beer - Tooheys New, Corona, Stella Artois, Carlsberg
            8. I don't carry mine with me but my at-home make-up bag contains: - Chanel Double Perfection Fluid Makeup in Clair Intensity 1.0 - Dior Skinflash Concealer in Rose Glow - CoverGirl EverFresh concealer - Maybelline XXL Intense Mascara in Very Black - Sportsgirl Blush - Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - Strawberry Chapstick - Dior Backstage Makeup lip gloss in Charlotte Moka - Dior Lip Palettes makeup
            9. cat_power

              i like my earring :)

              Indeed you have super spunky hair Ry... and your piercing looks wick-eddd
            10. aw hun i totally know how you feel...i was in your shoes this time a year ago but it does improve out of sight, trust me on that ok good luck with the accutane, you're very pretty regardless of the acne and we're all here for you.. all the best x
            11. cat_power

              I have a new hat!

              disastrously gorgeous you are
            12. cat_power

              Me 5 minutes ago :P

              you are a perfect specimen of a man hehe how anyone could ever say you're not ridiculously handsome is beyond me as you look very good
            13. I NEVER EVER pick and i still have acne on my back and face picking definately makes the problem way worse so resist the temptation!
            14. Good luck with your tane course my fellow aussie
            15. biggest congrats to ya you'll be living the dream in no time. i can't wait to be on it..
            16. nirvana, placebo, brand new, bloc party, smashing pumpkins, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, kisschasy, oasis, radiohead, erm many more..
            17. i think this year i felt something like love but i also think i got way in over my head now i'm pretty sure it just died in the arse between us recently and it's going to hurt me alot to move on he will always be the most perfect boy to me ever though.
            18. wow you've cleared up wonderfully dude congrats
            19. cat_power

              DAY 27

              you look so naturally pretty and p.s. your hair does look cool like that...