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    From the album: The new CLEAR me!

    Ok so this is me...and a little bit about me: I have the lowest self-esteem in the world. When i had severe acne in october and onwards of 2005, it bothered me not that much, but now that i'm pretty darn clear from taking doxycycline and a rigorous regime of BP and expensive products like Proactiv, Chanel and Clinique (which have done wonders for my skin) I am still more critical than ever of all my flaws (there are so so many). I constantly feel bad about myself and try to tell myself all the
  2. Yeh but it has a tonne of fat. The fats in coconut milk are good fats (multi-chain triglycerides) that speed up metabolism. Yeah but it also has alot of saturated fat too...it's main sat. fat is lauric acid...a medium chain fatty acid which is easily metabolised by the body to give quick energy, but not necessarily fats that speed up your metabolism. And soy milk is ok for acne, i worship the stuff and don't get any breakouts at all anymore...it doesn't contain lactose which can
  3. It definately has a huge impact on the liver...it is an integral part of a liver cleansing diet because it clears toxins...just like LSA mix (linseed, sunflower & almond) does. This is incredible at clearing the skin coupled with something like antibiotics or accutane. Get it from the health food shop and watch your skin become great...i've been sprinkling 1-2 tablespoons on my cereal in the morn for about 1 month and i haven't had any breakouts at all...so thus it seems a congested liver wa
  4. Chanel Double Perfection Fluid Makeup SPF 20 is the best foundation i have ever used...awesome oil absorbing properties, good coverage, natural looking and doesn't cause breakouts at all...the only nasty thing is the price tag ($70 Australian) BUT I LOVE IT and u will too.
  5. i have to disagree and say that some of what you say is utter bullshit...in particular the bit about eating natural foods and having bad genes...i am living proof that this is untrue because i have always been a super healthy person eating high fibre, low fat, low salt and low sugar foods my whole life (basically a fruit n veg diet with lots and lots of water) and i was struck with severe acne last year (although thank god it is completely under control now) AND i have bad genes...so explain thi
  6. You should read Dr Gillian McKeith's book "You Are What You Eat"...it explains all this interesting shit about food combining and the effect it has on the bod...it's an awesome read.
  7. I've been on doxycycline 100mg/day for smack bang on 2 months and i've had good, not great results up until a week ago...and now over the xmas break where i've eaten so much junk and drank lots (and done barely any exercise...whereas i'm usually a fitness freak in semester time), my skin is crystal clear! Hoping it stays like this I'm gonna stay on 100mg/day for another couple of months and see what happens after that... good luck
  8. i doubt that the improvement you noticed in the cyst when you first took mino would've actually been from this drug because it takes alot longer than a few days to notice any visible improvement as for at home remedies for cysts, just try applying ice alot and not picking at it
  9. i've been on doxy 100mg/day for 2 months and have gotten consistently wasted over this time while taking the drug...lol probably not too good for you considering that antibiotics already place a huge strain on the liver...but don't miss out on the fun :) also took the doxy a few times with a beer or vodka which is a BAD idea...trust me (so dumb i know!)
  10. sorry to hear about the shit you've been through...i've been on 100mg/day doxy for 2 months and haven't noticed any side effects at all
  11. i'm currently taking 100mg/day doryx and have been for about 2 months...i've noticed a huge improvement and my skin is almost completely clear...i've also noticed absolutely no side-effects but i'm scared about going off this drug because no doubt it'll all come back again GRR in australia where i'm from 25 tabs of doryx costs only $4.60 so it's darn cheap
  12. Ris, have u noticed any side effects of the doxy at all? I haven't had any but i eat alot of organic yoghurt with the good gut bacteria in them so i guess it's part of it...also no stomach irritation at all (hmm also when i got drunk a couple of times i downed the doxy with a beer ... dumb i know, please don't hurt me! and i do nutrition at uni...i should know better!) Does it shit anybody else to tears that some of your friends can get away with living on a diet of lots of junk food and still
  13. i've tried shitloads of OTC stuff for 5 years...no success there at all...so finally this october i said fuck all this shit because it was getting me down so bad (not severe or anything just persistent with some nasty jawline acne) and i got antibiotics (doxycycline 100mg/day) and there has been a HUGE improvement but i still get breakouts alot... so i'm quite scared about what will happen when i go off these meds...apparently it's all gonna come back...seriously if it does i'm dropping out of
  14. I was browsing through my local chemist and came across this cream which claims to fade acne scars drastically...anyhoot, it's by a very reputable brand which produces awesome products and i was wondering whether the ingredient isoparaffin is likely to be pore-clogging (since it is an oil and all...) Thanks
  15. Every 12 hours. thanks... could the scheduling of when i take the meds have an impact on their effectiveness???
  16. hi all, i've just got one question regarding doxycycline...i am on 100mg/day and was wondering whether i should be taking 100mg at breakfast with food (that is 2 x 50mg tabs) or one 50mg tab every 12 hours? Ta xo