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  1. I've been off Accutane since around March 2008 (can't remember the actual date) - i was on 40mg/day for about 7 months.

    In the last 2-3 months i have noticed a big increase in the amount of acne i have. I didn't have any large-ish whiteheads until last week and now i have a few and this is SO worrying. I'd say my skin is about 50% as bad as it was before i started Accutane. I'm so sad, once again acne rules my life, my skin is as oily as it was pre-Accutane and i'm miserable again...

  2. yeah defo be careful

    i had been on 20mg/day of tane for one week and i went snorkelling on the great barrier reef for 6 hrs in 40 degree Celcius heat...im very pale and prone to sunburn to begin with, so i made sure i applied high SPF every hr whilst i was snorkelling

    anyways i thought i escaped sunburn but when we headed back to shore i realised i was VERY badly burnt...ended up having to go to the emergency dept of the local hospital with 3rd degree burns on my back, severe sunstroke/headache/vomiting...and the severe pain and peeling i had over the next 2 weeks was indescribable...even now, one month on, im still peeling in a minor way and my skin is quite scarred on my back

    but yeah just try to stay out of sun a bit and wear high SPF

    have fun!

  3. This is basically my (acne) life story, and is really long but I decided to post just for the hell of it to express everything thats on my mind.

    It all started my sophmore year of highschool. I got my first pimple, which was incredibly embarressing (now I laugh at that). It was mild having about 5 or so pimples at a time. It was like this varying between mild and moderate (I was using bp which worked well but bleached all by shirt collars and pillows, so I decided it probably wasnt good to put on my face, and also makes redmarks last logner), so I stopped and just used some olay cleanser, toner, and moisturizer my mom gave me, it was for people with normal skin.

    Then I went on a 3 week holiday at the end of summer between my junior and sernior year. My skin become flawless, as perfect as anyone could want or dream about, like a babys skin. I guess this was a mixture between the sea water and sun. I loved it, right before going back to school we ended the trip with a cruise, which to my surprise all the girls there (who at met at like the teen hang out sport on the ship) fancied me. This was a whole new thing to have girls openly say I am hot and etc. (I think part of this is because their inhibitions were lowered knowing if i rejected them who cares they would never see me again).

    Then 2 days after no sun ar beach i started breaking out a little. It got up to maybe moderate throughout my senior year. The doc (not a dermatoligist) but me on some topical atnibacterial or antibiotic. Which did nothing. Then later on I was put on differin, which worled quite well(although was peeling and kinda burned), but did not cure my acne. I was even fancied by a very beautifal girl, but the very night i found this out, something happened that crushed me emotionally. It was before spring break and my step mom who is a eastitcian said that she could work on my face but told me to stop using differin before she did this. So she did while i was on holiday visiting her and my dad.

    And when I get back my skin goes balistic, I attribute it to her pressing on my face a alot( as all easticians do, stopping differin, and the emotional stress I was under (which I could not tell to anyone, not even my family)). I had severe acne not cystic but just everywhere, I lost all confidence in myslef, stopped going out and partying, and began hanging out with my childhood friends (who were kind of nerdy according to everyone, but I thought they were still pretty cool). And this basically ruins my senior year, even though I still got a date to prom and such but no real girl/relationship is gonna happen. It gets a little better before i head off to college, but not much. At college there are parties everywhere, I went to a few in the beginning but couldn't really have fun becasue I was so self concious. I would have friends always ask me to go party but I refused not wanting anyone to see me, I felt better staying home and putting a acne mask on or doing something to try to clear my face. It continued liek this throught my freshman year at college. Over the summer my acne improved slightly, with me going back on differin. I vividly remeber bein at costo and this hot girl who worked there looking at me, I quickly adverted my eyes and turned around seeing whe was moving in my direction, I instantly thought she was looking at me and thinking eww look at that huys gross acne face. So my went to check out where the girl was standing next to the girl at the cashier, later I found out by my mom the cute girl thought I was hot. She found this out b/c the cashier told my mom, then the cute girl got embaressed and ran off(this pisses me off to this day, but I'll get to that later). I stopped taking differin a few months into my sophmore year (now), because it was too irritating. Still not going out because I am too self conscious. I switched to just using an Olay cleanser not ment for acne, which was mediocre at best. I then switched to the enormously hyped up DIP method, which was ok, felt really good after dipping my head in hot water at least. Then tryed Dermalogica Anti-Bac face wash which my friend recommended to me. I only used this because my friends skin is great now, just has scars from poping his pimples. This worked really well for a week, although slightly irritating. then I went camping for spring break and my skin got worse and more irritated due to this new cleanser. So I have now switched to using dove sensitive skin bar, which work great, and I do the egg white mask, and moisturise with aloe mixed with a little jojoba oil. Currently I have like 4 tiny pimples, but my skin looks horrible because every pimple I get leaves a mark, not red per se its more pink. So my sking looks blothchy and bad. Heopefully what I'm doing will work and those damn marks will fade. So here I am writing this with an egg white mask on, after declining an invititation from one of my buddies to go to a party. Fucking acne is ruining what should be the best years of my life. Who knows how many potential girlfriends not only acne but what its done to me psychologically has cost me, ie what happened at costco. I also think it might be in my head because sometimes my friends talk to me like I dont have acne, for example my friend said he is getting acne (which i could see 1 miniscule zit) from his little brother who he said had acne/oily skin and made fun of him for it, and I doubt he would say this to me if my acne was bad. It pisses me off that my skin is smooth but looks horrible because of these marks, i just want to sandpaper my face so new fresh skin grows back. And I know if i dont completely stop getting pimples then these marks with just keep coming and staying forever. All I can think of now that if I get clear sking one day will I be more confident and back to myself, or will this acne ruined my personality forever. All I can hope is that I ahve clear skin soon. If I dont by my 21st birthday, I'm gonna drop out of school and become a lifeguard at the beach, where hopefully iget back my good skin.

    Well, i just basically said everything that was on my mind. I will be amazed if anyone actually reads this incredibly lond post. But if so, fell free to give me any tips to help me out.

    I know exactly how you feel mate. I haven't been on the .org in months due to other stuff taking over my life (uni, work etc.) and i came on here to rant and start a new thread but your story really hit home with me and is exactly how i feel. I can't put into words what acne has done to me mentally. I wish it would disappear. I wish the scars would. I wish my negativity towards most things due to acne would dissipate. That's about as likely as my acne disappearing tomorrow. I fucking hate this disease. But all we can do is live through it and know that we are loved etc. Good luck in the fight xx

  4. 1. Apply Chanel Double Perfection Fluid Makeup sparsely to face but never to forehead (as it's always clear)

    2. Apply Covergirl Everfresh concealer to blemishes

    3. Apply Sportsgirl blushing balls to apples of cheeks

    4. Apply Maybelline XXL mascara in very black

    5. Apply Dior Skinflash concealer to under eyes

    6. Brush eyebrows :D

    7. Apply chapstick or some tinted gloss if im feeling slightly ambitious

  5. *Play Crack The Sky - Brand New

    *Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice

    *All Apologies - Nirvana

    *Special Needs - Placebo

    *I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

    *November Rain - Guns n Roses

    *This Modern Love - Bloc Party

    *Blue Light - Bloc Party

    *Asleep - The Smiths

    *Miss You Love - Silverchair

    *Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional

    *Remember To Breathe (must be the LIVE version) - Dashboard Confessional

    *This Is For Keeps - Spill Canvas

    *Silent All These Years - Tori Amos

    *Drown - Smashing Pumpkins

    *Angel - Sarah McLachlan

    *Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New

    come to think of it, most of my fave songs are sad...its how i like to feel at the moment

  6. A fucking lot of $$ i know that for sure :(

    At the moment:

    - $12/tube of Benzac AC BP (lasts about 3 wks/a month)

    - $5/every half month for Doxycycline prescription

    - $69.95/2 months supply Proactiv

    - $70 for Chanel foundation (lasts a few months)

    - $65 for Dior concealer (lasts a month or two)

    very pricey, i hate acne..

  7. Oh my Laura i thought i was the only one having crazy acne dreams :(

    Lately i've been having them much more frequently which scares me alot...i dream that i have cystic acne and it scares the shit out of me as i used to have it but have been on meds for the past year to control it

    but so much shit has gone down in my life of late i remember in my dream that i actually accepted that i had acne bad again and thought fuck this i'm going to have to just deal

    just want you to know you're defo not alone :D

  8. in mine 2x8 make-up bag i have:

    - MAC blot powder

    - MAC powder/blush brush 129 SH(short handle)

    - 2 MAC 190 foundation brushes

    - Eye Lash Curler

    - Urbay Decay Lube-In-A-Tube Miami

    - Rimmel Mascara Extra Super Lash

    - Sephora Flavour Lip Balm

    - Biotherm Forget It Concealer

    - Everyday Minerals Blush in Chit Chat

    - Smakers Lip Sparkler ... watermelon

    - Glitter Stix by POP in color sage

    - Almay Clear Complexion Foundation ... nude 02

    I don't carry mine with me but my at-home make-up bag contains:

    - Chanel Double Perfection Fluid Makeup in Clair Intensity 1.0

    - Dior Skinflash Concealer in Rose Glow

    - CoverGirl EverFresh concealer

    - Maybelline XXL Intense Mascara in Very Black

    - Sportsgirl Blush

    - Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

    - Strawberry Chapstick

    - Dior Backstage Makeup lip gloss in Charlotte Moka

    - Dior Lip Palettes

    :wub: makeup