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Status Updates posted by cat_power

  1. How's that cat of yours? Wait do you even have a cat haha i cant recall

    1. Erin!!! Black Books is the best show ever hence i love your avatar deary :)

      1. hello girl!

        loved the NY pics, hope you had a blast and that you're feeling 100% better now

        i wish i was in lovely London in the snow hehe

        congrats on the swiss alps trip you'll be taking soon...lucky girl :)

        1. ello ello little lovely Mandy!

          lovely to hear from you...ive been super busy with work and i go back to uni next week yay, but your comment reminded me about the .org and i just posted a few times just for you hehe

          how have you been? going to college yet?

          ps your nose is cute

          1. smokey is most wonderful thankyou :)

            i don't live at home anymore as i go to uni so i haven't seen him since end of december

            how are you btw?

            enjoying shite v-day are we?

            1. smokey is rather good thankyou :)

              and how are you these days?

              1. i hope you have a wonderful xmas =]

                1. i hope you have a wonderful xmas my fellow aussie =]

                  1. i hope you have a wonderful xmas =]


                    1. your pics are SO pretty girl...always great to see a fellow aussie too hehe

                      have a wonderful xmas :D

                      1. merry xmas =]

                        hope everything is ok in your world hun :D

                        1. hehe i've been good thanks...i'm on uni hols at the moment and have been wasting away lots of time lol

                          hope you have a wonderful xmas girl and live it up mwa

                          1. hello erin :D

                            just wanted to pop by and say hello and hope everything is going swell for you my dear

                            you always were an .org fave of my although i haven't been on here in the longest of times hehe

                            much love & peace

                            1. much love to you mandy :D

                              hope the countdown to the blessed 18th is going sweet as candy

                              live it up girl!

                              1. hello girl! thanks for your comment on my profile, brightened my day...hope you're ok too mwa xx