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  1. I've been off Accutane since around March 2008 (can't remember the actual date) - i was on 40mg/day for about 7 months. In the last 2-3 months i have noticed a big increase in the amount of acne i have. I didn't have any large-ish whiteheads until last week and now i have a few and this is SO worrying. I'd say my skin is about 50% as bad as it was before i started Accutane. I'm so sad, once again acne rules my life, my skin is as oily as it was pre-Accutane and i'm miserable again...
  3. Age: 20 Months: 6 Dosage: was on 20mg/day the first 2 months now i'm on 40mg/day Current: Doing pretty good, face is always a little flushed, still breakout sometimes Side effects: Dry lips, EXTREMELY excessive tiredness, sunburn very easily, lower back pain, depression??
  4. I've dyed my hair twice whilst on accutane and have experienced no side effects due to this...both times i dyed my hair a dark brown and it seems to have improved my hair condition and i haven't experienced any signs of hair loss either.
  5. biggest congrats and hugs to you love! your skin looks AMAZING, good luck with uni xx
  6. yeah should be fine even if you aren't eating much throughout the day...so long as you have the pills with a meal that has a decent amount of fat in it...
  7. yeah defo be careful i had been on 20mg/day of tane for one week and i went snorkelling on the great barrier reef for 6 hrs in 40 degree Celcius heat...im very pale and prone to sunburn to begin with, so i made sure i applied high SPF every hr whilst i was snorkelling anyways i thought i escaped sunburn but when we headed back to shore i realised i was VERY badly burnt...ended up having to go to the emergency dept of the local hospital with 3rd degree burns on my back, severe sunstroke/headach
  8. How's that cat of yours? Wait do you even have a cat haha i cant recall

    1. Erin!!! Black Books is the best show ever hence i love your avatar deary :)

      1. From the album: The new CLEAR me!

        This is me & my best mate in the world @ dinner, i'm on the right with the beanie. I was on doxy 100mg/day from october 2005-february 2007 and throughout this time used 5% BP plus the proactiv regime. I grew tired of constantly pumping a high dose of antibiotics into my body every day so i went to a derm appt a few weeks back (mainly for my back as my face is generally just mild acne, although it was looking healthy in this pic) and he put me on a 5% salicyclic acid & alcohol based l
      2. I know exactly how you feel mate. I haven't been on the .org in months due to other stuff taking over my life (uni, work etc.) and i came on here to rant and start a new thread but your story really hit home with me and is exactly how i feel. I can't put into words what acne has done to me mentally. I wish it would disappear. I wish the scars would. I wish my negativity towards most things due to acne would dissipate. That's about as likely as my acne disappearing tomorrow. I fucking hate this d
      3. hello girl!

        loved the NY pics, hope you had a blast and that you're feeling 100% better now

        i wish i was in lovely London in the snow hehe

        congrats on the swiss alps trip you'll be taking soon...lucky girl :)

        1. i have loads of freckles and ive slowly grown to love them as people always comment on them and tell me they're cute embrace them people
        2. ello ello little lovely Mandy!

          lovely to hear from you...ive been super busy with work and i go back to uni next week yay, but your comment reminded me about the .org and i just posted a few times just for you hehe

          how have you been? going to college yet?

          ps your nose is cute

          1. smokey is most wonderful thankyou :)

            i don't live at home anymore as i go to uni so i haven't seen him since end of december

            how are you btw?

            enjoying shite v-day are we?

            1. Seriously star you skin looks so amazing and balanced biggest congrats and hugs from me x
            2. smokey is rather good thankyou :)

              and how are you these days?

              1. The best ever mascara is Maybelline Intense XXL in very black...i've introduced so many mates to this and they've instantly fallen in love with it! You won't regret purchasing it
              2. i hope you have a wonderful xmas =]

                1. i hope you have a wonderful xmas my fellow aussie =]

                  1. i hope you have a wonderful xmas =]


                    1. your pics are SO pretty girl...always great to see a fellow aussie too hehe

                      have a wonderful xmas :D