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  1. I definitely needed the moisturizer when I was on benzaclin so I recommend you get one. I experienced EXCESSIVE dryness It was all worth it though. Benzaclin really clears you up.
  2. I've been using acnefree for a couple of months now and it definately has kept me clear. My advice though is to use everything in the kit....even the toner. When I first started using the kit I used a different cleanser because it made my skin smooth and it backfired. Each formula in the kit works well together and I wouldn't reccommend breaking them apart. If you notice the alcohol in the toner is having an inverse effect on your skin (wait atleast a couple of weeks) then maybe switch. If
  3. thanks for all your help guys. I'm so scared of accutane though, but I will ask my doctor about it and demand either accutane or something almost as powerful. My mom is particularly nervous abotu me trying accutane because her co-workers son has severe scarring from it. I've heard a lot of horror stories abotu additional scarring and that's probably why I am nervous about trying it (considering I already have scars). Is there anyone out there who has acne similar to mine that has found succe
  4. I'm 20 years old and I am sick of my acne. I've had acne since I was 13 and have tried several things. Not only have I tried over 30 OTC products, but I've also used Benzaclin, Duac, Tazorac, Retin-A, Adoxa, Triax Pads, Differin, Adult Acnomel, and probably 2 or 3 more that I cannot think of right now. Benzaclin worked for a good 6-8 months, but then just stopped working. I feel like my acne is getting worse now, and I am possible considering Accutane. My doctor told me last time to try oth
  5. PHIL!!! This is the best advice I've ever heard!!!! Seriously, If I were you, I would do this. You sould like a great guy who is just going through a shitty couple of years. We all can relate to you, otherwise we wouldn't browse this website for hours each day. I think a vacation, by yourself, to somewhere where you won't know anyone, might be the perfect idea. Seclusion, a time to relax, not think about your acne, enjoy the sun, SWIM!!! I know it sounds impossible to forget about yuor ac
  6. It's definately genetic. While you may not alwyas get it from your parents you can get it from your grandparents, great grandparents, etc. You never know where your genes will come from because it's so random. My brother and father have pretty great skin but my mom had horrible skin as a teenager and in her early twenties. She used to live in Vietnam so when she was younger she wasn't able to wash her face with the modern products we have today. She told me that my acne is similar to the wa
  7. it depends...do you have health insurance? If so it should be fairly cheap. Maybe 15 dollars. If you don't have insurance than you'll probably have to pay around 100 dollars just for the visit! Ofcourse different doctors have different rates and you always need to make sure that your health insurance covers teh doctor you go to.
  8. gosh why are people so rude? That is absolutely rediculous. Something similar happened to me, but it was somewhat justified. I was at the mall at the MAC counter, and she told me, "We have this new oil and it works great for people with acne. You should use it." I gave her a bitchy look and she immediately tried to make up for her comment by admitting, "I used to have really bad skin and it worked for me." I knew she was lying so I was still annoyed. You don't ask someone why they are str
  9. I felt the same way when I ordered bare minerals...but after a while, i learned how to make it work. In the starter kit you get 2 different foundations, a blush, a mineral veil, and three brushes. What I do, whichactually works very well, is I use the smaller brush first. This brush is a concealer brush, which I'm sure you already know. Anyways, I put some of the foundation on the small brush first and buff the red spots on my skin. It actually works better than concealer to me because it do
  10. go to www.sephora.com They sell bare escentuals which is pretty much the same thing, if not the same, not really sure :-/ but i'm pretty sure they ship to canada
  11. this is going to sound like wierd advice....but I think it will be the best thing for you. I think you should just not do anything to your skin and let it heal itself. You said that you have very little if any active acne right? So it should be easy for you to lay back on doing a bunch of shit to your skin. I'm so sorry though, you still look beautiful!