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  1. I totally agree with you. It makes sense that the way people eat will affect how bad their acne is. I also think that it has something to do with too many toxins and hormonal imbalance and i found this website that explains it all called acneyoda.com but its soo much reading i dunno how im gonna do it
  2. "it's whats inside that counts..." or "your still pretty even if u do have a lot of acne" yahh right.. i hate when people say those
  3. Serena*

    when i was happy

    yupp how old do i look?
  4. Serena*

    when i was happy

    in the other gallery
  5. i need to find a good toner and i was wondering if hydrogen peroxide is ok to use..ive never heard of any1 use it before so i was just wondering. thanks
  6. geez i wish i would of known this 2 days earlier..my skin has been breaking out pretty bad lately so my dad took me to visit a dermatologist and he just put me on antibiotics again. he prescribed retin-A micro, clenia wash, and dinacin. before that i was on duac and doxicline. all last year my face was really clear because i was getting laser treatments but a couple months after i started breaking out again. should i stop using the retin A micro? or follow the regim..i dunno what to do
  7. godd i hate people like that. i cant go through a day at school without checking in the mirror at least 5 times to see what i look like.. it doesnt help either that all my friends are beautiful and like so confident..hopefully this will all go away someday and we will all be happy and acneless:) it just makes us more humble and thats a good thing right?
  8. Serena*

    S pics 356.jpg

    im half puerto rican and half white.. i posted some bad pics up.. do u have any advice?
  9. Serena*

    Clear Skin period

    when i had clear skin for a little while
  10. Serena*

    end of day

    From the album: Ahh

  11. Serena*


    not so clear
  12. Serena*


    From the album: Ahh

  13. i was on lasor treatments last year and they worked really great but just recently my acne has been coming back.. i just went to a new dermatologist and he prescribed retin-A micro, dinacin pills, and clenia face wash. i was just wondering if any1 could tell me if it will make my acne any better or what experiences youve had with retin-A. thanks